Tampa, Florida

The commercial with the woman shoving food in her mouth faster than she can chew, so salad is hanging out of her mouth, all the while hacking at her plate with a fork like she is fighting a wild animal -- that's the worst. Just SOOO unappealing.

The commercials I have seen this year are all disgusting. They should be rated R. I would not want any kids or anyone to see these commercials and think that's acceptable table manners. Panera should be shamed.

What about doing the opposite and showing people enjoying and relishing their food while still being able to use decent manners? Set a good example.

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I Agree!!!!!


This is the new America. Millenials have no manners or decency, and they are Panera's target group. Over privileged brats who do not care about their actions.


I agree, these commercials are so freaking irritating. I now keep the TV remote nearby in case one comes on so I can quickly change it. Nothing more than a commercial of slobs, shoving food in there mouth like animals while a soft spoken nasaly narrator describes how clean the food is.


The voice describing the "clean food" = fingernails on a chalkboard....

I mute the television...


The girl who does the voice over for Panera, describing the food as "clean" -- sounds to be about 12 years old and is MOST irritating. Calling their food "clean" is just not correct.

Such suggests that their competition is selling "dirty food" which is ridiculous. "Clean" is not an adjective that should be used when describing food. If they regularly served food that was not clean, the Health Department would shut them down. If they mean to say "kosher" -- then they should make that clear but that is not their intent.

They are trying to be clever with a different angle on differentiating their food product but it comes across as smug and actually insulting to the intelligence when one thinks about the implications of their serving "clean food" and their competition serving "unclean food." And I HATE being lectured on "clean" vs. "unclean" food by a frickin' 12 YEAR OLD.

I immediately change channel when ads for Panera come on TV. This ad campaign is top of my list of "Ads I Hate" and I wish Panera's management and ad agency would get a clue / pull their own heads out of their behinds.

@Mike Williams

OH I SO AGREE...her voice just bugs!!! Refuse to go to Panera because of their commercials!


Those commercials are perverted and disgusting.This shouldn't be happening


Good clean food? What, are they going to serve dirty food? Silly commercial and a bit disgusting as well.


Never heard a food ad emphasizing how CLEAN their food is! Last thing that word makes me want to do is EAT any of that CLEAN food.

First thought is how dirty was it?

Makes me think of dirty food, etc. Think "clean" is worst term you could use.


clean and real..... I turn this *** commercial every time it comes on


Clean and real??? Describing food?

Can't stomach the silly attempt at poetry?? The one word adjectives that presumably describe the "new" "clean pairings"??

Having worked in the restaurant biz for 20 yrs, I would never use the words "clean" and"real" in describing menu items or specials. Never.

It's alien to hear it. Pretty obvious the ad pitch guys have no experience in service industry.


And I thought it was just me! I'm not in the food service or ad industry and even I know how completely ridiculous that sounds.

What are they going for there? My guess is a kind of "new age hippy" thing. Honestly, what does "clean pairings" mean? I was horrified by the last batch of commercials showing people shoveling food in their mouths and eating off the south end of a baby...these new ones aren't much better.

Maybe they don't realize that food ads are supposed to make food appealing and appetizing - not make you want to vomit. And do you think they could have hired a more *irritating* voice-over?


I totally agree!! Was that her first meal that week? Also what is this ridiculous "clean" food ad campaign???

Does everyone else eat dirty food?

Panera advertising = Fools


It is clear that Panera with blatant arrogance displays only disgusting images of subhuman vulgarity. We will call for Panera to be condemned for vile advertising on social media and television.


agreed. what gross savages eating like they have been starved. gross breeders go there to pay for overpriced ***.


Happy to learn I am not the only one who thinks those commercials are weird and disgusting. I always wonder whose half-witted idea of an ad campaign this was.

It had the be the boss's son or an April Fool's joke that grew legs.

The diaper one is ... I'm speechless!


Yes, I agree. Those have to be among the stupidest, most disgraceful commercials I've ever seen, and they are so brainless that I feel insulted every time I see them.

Every time I drive by a Panera Bread my teeth start grinding. Their commercials reflect the stupidity of the entire company(high prices charged for small portions of food which you eat in a matter of minutes and then you feel extremely hungry maybe an hour later).

What a ripoff! I wouldn't feel bad if they went out of business, and they probably will.


I knew I would see a review of those commercials that reflected my feelings too. I echo all those comments and then some.

Manners and common sense are becoming less the norm. It is a slippery slope.


I agree, Looking at the size of the woman eating a salad like a Zombie feasting on on new flesh.and she says What?

She should be feeding from a trough like all the other undomesticated animals, I doubt she would care or it would slow her down

Funny It looks like she has been eating cake as fast as she can to achieve her massive girth


I agree wholeheartedly! Their new commercial shows a male holding the child as though the child were a food tray, eating a sandwich off of the (thank God) child's clothed rear end.

Tha is unsanitary and disgusting.

Is Panera just trying to irritate us? I would never eat there.