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(I wrote this to Panera a week ago and never received a response back from them)

I love panera especially the asiago roast beef and the chicken soup. Today when I went there for my lunch break and picked up a meal for me and one for a co-worker. I called it in for pick up and gave her my order. I picked up, paid for the orders and when I got into my car and looked at my sandwich it looked a little small. I opened my asiago roast beef sandwich and saw that they gave me half of a half of sandwich. Its exactly 3 inches in length and I asked for mustard on the sandwich which was not on there. I can care less for the mustard, I paid $9.62 for a large bowl of soup and a 3 inch sandwich. Its literally 3 inches long and a piece of a slice of roast beef (not a full slice of roast beef but a small piece of a slice). I went back in the store to let them know that they made an error making my sandwich and showed them the lousy excuse for a sandwich they gave me and they all stared at me and one of them finally said that "that's how we make our sandwiches now." I simply walked out and gave no trouble. I came back to my desk and showed all my co-workers and they were surprised. A few of them said they are never eating there again if that's how the sandwiches are now. I took pictures of the meal and I don't complain at all because I have a life. But this was like a SLAP in the face. Everyone in the office is telling me to take a pictures and complain to you guys which I am doing. I could have gotten a decent size meal for $9.62. I used to love panera until today. I'm not trying to make a big thing of this, I just want to this to be corrected, but if 3 inches of bread and a piece of a slice of roast beef is all I get for a half sandwich and that's your new policy, then I will let everyone know so they wont make the same mistake and I have pictures to show. I will also post this picture on your Facebook page for proof. Please reply.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I got the exact same tiny sandwich. They told me it was correct, too.


"I don't complain at all because I have a life"

...But you're complaining...


Yes, I agree. Panera is one of the most pathetic businesses I've ever seen.

The only thing they know how to do is rip people off.

Small portions, high prices, lousy customer service, and extremely imbecilic TV commercials makes me want to put my fist through a 12" thick concrete wall. Every time I drive by a Panera Bread my teeth start to grind.


I had the same size sandwich in my bag the first and last time I odered from there. Paid almost 7 dollars for just a third of a sandwich and a small little bag of chips.

Won't ever go there again. It's was in the Sierra college exit store..


That's not even a sandwich. You're giving them too much credit.


You are not even a human are you ?


Me too, hardly any meat on the sandwich. I'll continue to buy the soups but no more rip off sandwiches!


Thank you. I've had trouble with this chain, too, but never had a camera handy. They used to be OK but not since the greed factor took over.

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