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I ordered this sandwich and it was all bread. If I I hadn’t brought it home I would have returned it right there.

Ten dollars for basically bread. This was my first and last time in a Panera. The last photo I uploaded was from the menu. I don’t think I had a slice of cheese .

There was no care or quality given to me and I had no choice but to eat it ! I believe I should be refunded for that disgrace of a sandwich. Also why must I write more than is necessary to have a one hundred word minimum.

I believe pictures say a thousand words. Yes, yes, and yes, yes, yes , yes, yes , yes yes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Sandwich.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Panera Bread Cons: Sandwich.

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Liar I see some lettuce and tomatoes on your sandwich so it was NOT all bread. If you are going to lie try not to post pictures or at least take the other ingredients out before posting.

They are not that dense. Most likely you ate the cheese before taking the picture. Imagine you lying to get a refund because you cannot afford to eat your sandwich.

There are soup kitchens for people in your situation. If you had no issue eating the food you should have no issue paying for it.


I posted a picture of a very poor quality sandwich. I wanted to inform Panera not post for rude comments by ignorant people.


Then why did you post on Had you actually wanted a resolution to your supposed issue then you would have contacted Panera directly.

Since you took the time to post on a PUBLIC SITE you not only show that you didn’t want Panera to contact you for a solution but that you are actively out to bad mouth them because YOU THINK that doing so will get you some form of gift card. Stop making excuses for being LAZY!! And yes it is lazy to just take your bag without checking to be sure your order is correct BEFORE LEAVING!! What you are doing is pure defamation and you should be ashamed you are so petty and small.

Everyone makes mistakes and it’s YOUR mark of maturity on how you handle those mistakes.

Do the whole web a favor and stop eating out because you have zero credibility. Durpa


I find it incredible that so many people are jerks. If you noticed I said I wanted to post to Panera.

I was apparently redirected to this website. As for you comments you have no idea of me or my intentions so go to ————-


Hey that’s a skimpy sandwich, like everything at Panera. Since it seems like a poor value for the amount charged, I believe it’s a disappointing sandwich.

Certainly not worthy of a good review. Subway is a much better sandwich, custom made to order and cheaper, along with many more chews and swallows.

Panera is not worth what they are charging and that is a puny sandwich. Check yourself.


If you read their can read, can't you? would have noticed they said "Ten dollars for basically bread" Do you see that word basically? Do I need to break down the meaning for you, Sparky?


My mom just told me the exact same story that happened to her with the exact same sandwich! Why you had to be so rude and sound so hateful makes me wonder what kind of person you are.

Who do you think you are to make that judgment??

Were you there? Did you make the sandwich?

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