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Hello my name is Lauren, I got hired at Panera bread on 8/28 so I come for my first few days of training at Eldorado in Webster Tx I got hired by Michael and waiting four days to know when I go back to work (only worked about 5 days within 2 weeks) ( I had to call in because I got rly sick and I couldn’t go in because literally Snot runny from my face and my ears where poping and there a sickness going around honestly did them a favor not going in and getting everyone sick) well he called me saying the 90 day probation period and we didn’t think it was working out... and I wasn’t doing good or something when my last shift I was by myself most of the time doing a good job in my opinion ,but literally I feel like that’s BS there no reason he couldn’t wait longer before coming to that decision Like he didn’t say because I called in but people get sick and I feel like I was doing a good job!

Bs he wasted my time like 5 other jobs called me in that same week he hired me and I lost my opportunity For other employment! And the reason I’m doing this bc I feel like this guy isn’t good management material to not give someone a chance to explain like I don’t even work more then 7 days yet!

( & I worked at Starbucks for over 4 years i Feel like I can handle this job bc it was honestly easy! So bs *** this place!

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