Charleston, South Carolina

this managers name is sheena, at first a seperate cashier took our order wonderfully. i arrived at the pick up counter and asked for my breakfeast sandwhich to please be on a different bread if that was possible.

i would have kept the sandwhich if it was a problem and she slammed a plate down and smiled sarcastically at me and remade my sandwhich. i came back to get a pastry and she denied my 99.cent entitlement when i clearly bough a coffee and a meal. i then paid the full 2 dollars for my pastry. she was angerliy chatting to fellow employees as i walked out.

this kind of behavier is childish and i really hope tey dont encourage this ***.

absolutley unacceptable!!!!! CAFE 200 SAM RITTENBURG BOULEVARD

Monetary Loss: $2.

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The .99 pastry item doesn't apply to the breakfast menu


*** a breakfast sandwich is not considered a meal only the lunch items, and do you even think about food cost, the manager had to throw your sandwich away and make a new one because your to *** to order correctly.


You're supposed to ask for a different bread while you're ordering the sandwich, not after they've made it. Also, the .99 cent pastry deal only applies to a lunch entree and a drink, not a breakfast sandwich.