Reston, Virginia

I was at the store in Port Orange,FL and purchased coffee and sweet roll. As I went to a table I tripped on the electric cord a customer had strung between the table and the all, directly across the aisle.

I have difficulty walking because of a foot injury and didn't see or expect the cord to be in the aisle. The customer was unconcerned. The store staff didn't address the issue.

My two emails to the Panera customer service staff and my letter to the president of Panera went unanswered. They did not acknowledge that the practice of allowing customers to string electric cords across the floor is a hazard and that if and when someone falls they will be responsible.

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This is rich. You honestly think it's Panera Bread's fault that a customer strung their cord across the floor?

Even if this did happen exactly like you said, which I doubt, nobody who works at Panera can chastise another customer-at all. We can not tell them what to do. If they want to put their laptop on the floor in the lobby and sit there, we can not stop them. So you getting angry with the company makes no sense, and what the heck did you think they were going to do for you?

You clearly just want attention/free things. You need to find other problems in your life to solve, as this does not even fall in that category.


you should watch where you're going. If a person gets their computer destroyed because they are making a bad decision, too bad for them.

What did you expect the staff to do, hand you $1m to keep quiet? They could have handed you a tissue to wipe away the tears.

Plus, if the president responded to every person like you, they wouldn't have a life. Its because of people like you that there are stickers on lawnmowers, warning people to not pick it up by the base and use it as a hedge trimmer.