I can't believe the dirtiness and the bad service I get at Panera Bread in Sugarloaf. Yesterday one of the workers yelled at a customer because she unintentionally took another customer's sandwich.

Tables are always dirty and I always clean them by myself. Schools bathrooms are cleaner than those at this Panera branch. I am very disappointed with this place.

Workers are bunch of kid who don't want to work hard.

Also yesterday a worker saw some plates left on the table so she just looked at them and didn't give a sh**.

Managers always in the kitchen, they never ask customers about their satisfactoin.

Monetary Loss: $32.

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that's about right - kids - and tatoos - and lazy employees...

to Anonymous Springfield, Missouri, United States #675267

How does anyone's tattoos affect the quality of your food?


Phone the local health department. The gov't sets standards for any business that handles food and it's the health inspector's job to make sure those standards are met.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #638573

People who work are not kids. That is an insult to anybody, no matter their age, who happens to be working.

If they are old enough to have a job, they are teenagers and most businesses require a teen to be at least 16 before they get hired. Whenever a teen has a job, that indicates that they are mature enough to know that people have to work in order to get things. Also a lot of them are working to help out at home or to save for college.

Some of these people that you refer to as kids, could be in the mid twenties to thirty and just plain look young for their age. If you don't like the business quit going there, it is that easy.

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