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Panera Bread: Location

W. Sand Lake Rd.

Orlando, Florida Tel. 407-226-6992

On December 1st, of this year I was at your abovementioned location, when I witnessed how a line server by the name "Vince" maltreated a young lady that approached the counter to request for her food to be fixed. Not only he pushed her plate away from the counter, but he blasted the vulgar word *F-U* in front of all of us waiting. My surprise was such that I ask him if "that" was the word I heard, he mocked me as he answered yes.

Insulted and astonished I called for the manager "Mike", his comeback was; "Don't get mad with me, I was not the one who did it". Wow, perfect example of a manager who does not manage. The signal that I got was that this manager not only tolerates but even accepts the unacceptable behavior of the staff. Uncooperative and bad tempered employees in the workplace damage the firm's reputation and staff morale.

For some time now I have been noticing a decline in service in this particular location, and even a worse poor quality on food. Sad because Panera in West Sand Lake Rd. used to be one of my favorites place to eat in that area. However they are located in what we the locals refer to the "Restaurants Row" hence, I will stick with the high quality and courteous once.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Manager.

Monetary Loss: $33.

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This sounds like a story you made up, to be honest. Nobody who works in retail is *** enough to say F U to a customer, especially not someone who was working on the line.

There is so much going on back there at all times, I'd be surprised if the lady didn't just go to a cashier instead. There is no reason for behavior like this, therefore it sounds made up. Furthermore, if it is true, it sounds like you stepping in certainly did not help matters. Why did you take it upon yourself to not only butt in to this other customer's "problem" but to also post about it online?

It only affected you because you supposedly asked the line person if they REALLY said what you thought they said, right? Your request for the manager also seems far-fetched. Wouldn't the woman request a manager if this happened?

So what was she doing, standing back in a demure pose with her incorrect order in hand? Aren't you the hero.