Effingham, Illinois
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I ordered a CHICKEN and alfredo tortellini dish from your la porte road location in waterloo iowa. came home to eat it and it was HAM.

the first *** I was like wow this chicken is pink so I tasted it and it was very salty. come to find out I had found another piece that still had the red skin on it. yep. it was HAM.

normally I wouldnt be pissed off but I go there often and spend a great deal of money. easily 50$/week there. I wont be going there anymore.

I had to wait ten minutes for the wrong food. learn to train ur employees the difference between ur lunchmeats.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Bread.

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I had the same issue.

I thought it tasted like ham, too.

@Lori. Yes, the original poster DOES indeed know what smoked chicken tastes like. According to his/her taste buds, it tastes like ham.

Regardless of what kind of meat it really is, the fact that it is salted chicken does not negate the fact that it tastes like ham.

If it tastes like ham, it tastes like ham, and that's that.

If I wanted ham alfredo, I would order ham alfredo.


It wasn't ham....Panera only carries deli sliced ham it was smoked pulled chicken which is pink and salty from being cured...you don't even know what smoked pulled chicken tastes like?


The chicken tortellini Alfredo is better with the citrus chicken. The smoked pulled chicken is a lil too pink for most people.


lmao its smoked pulled chicken. Not ham.

I work at a panera and I don't eat the smoked pulled chicken because it's so salty and pink. You're right, it normally does have pieces of the skin attached.

But its certainly not ham!!!!! The only ham we serve is sliced deli ham


So with your attitude, you're saying that you've never made A MISTAKE? Hey, stuff happens.

Give them a break.