I eat a pan era often. I don't understand why you would take a good egg and put it in water.

There is a healthy way to fry eggs to order. You're not even close to eve n representing a pouched egg. Who wants an egg that's been sitting in water for who knows how long. I don't expect an answer that particular store should do that, all your paneras do it.

I travel across country to witness this awful experience. My suggestion make to order , less waste,tastier, and definitely not soggy and taste masked with other ingredients.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Sandwich.

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They don't put cooked eggs in water- the egg is cooked BY the boiling water- they don't have grills- just sandwich presses- there so it's the only way to cook them.


Asking them to cook to order is way to difficult, with breakfast rushes because for some reason people can't cook their own eggs, it is way to much for anyone to cook eggs to order. If you have ever worked at a restaurant you would already know this.


Im a baker at Panera and used to be an associate. They do not place the eggs in water.

The eggs are precooked and not kept in the soup-well for more than 30 minutes. The cooked eggs are placed in a container and the soup well is filled with water, not the container.

It's the same exact way they keep your soup hot.


poached eggs are in water just so you know


Check your complaint for all the errors that you made in it, then start criticizing the way other people do things.