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I've worked at the Cafe at walnut for almost a year now. The hispanic schedule manager has changed a number of peoples availability time without our consent, me being one of the recent ones.

She has not give me the necessary hours I need either, as well as stating things such as I under perform when this not true, poor training, and she has favorites. It's disappointing with people with children or medical needs.

Corporate needs to look into this issue, and if need be go through other employees I will remain anon. for now due to retaliation as she likes to do and is spiteful on it. In the mean time by this point I'll be looking for a new job, it's sad that good workers are treated horribly and shes so abusive I've heard her call people stupid etc.

I'm tired of it.

Hire or give schedule to another manager! I wrote about this once already with no response corporate obviously doesn't care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Manager.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I made a post believing that I was sending it TO Panera. This is a forum that comes up first in a Google search.

When you're angry or emotional enough to go online, search for a company's contact information and write a letter it's easy to miss the details. I know that I DID! I have no idea how/why they gave me the name, "Pricey Peacock" either lol- what does that even mean?? Maybe your messages never got to corporate?

You should look into it. Your manager sounds like a mean person who should not be overseeing anybody's schedule, pay rate, hours or even quality control. It sounds like you like your job and that she is abusing her "power"- she must have nothing else going on in her life and this is the only thing she has any say in. Not a good quality in somebody who is in charge of ANYTHING.

If you post the store address, I'm happy to make a call.

I'm a manager myself and would never be disrespectful to employees or clients. Her world must be very small and sad :( Good luck!