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I just wanted to say I haven't been to a Panera Bread in a while, probably at least 6 years. I really had no desire to go in the past, but today I decided to give it a shot and try the food again. I had never remembered the prices being too outrageous and the food was good from what I recalled so 'why not' I thought. I honestly was not expecting to pay as much as I did once I left. I order the You Pick 2 half pasta and half sandwich, with a cookie. That was it. I figured half of each type of meal would equal the cost of a full meal, right? Wrong! The You Pick 2 is a rip off! I order expecting $8-$9 tops for the amount of food I was getting (I ordered small sizes even!), but was actually charged $15! WTF. I didn't even realize the cost until I had already put in my order and a part of me (after reviving myself from my stunned stupor after the clerk told me the total) wanted to laugh in her face and walk out. I decided to pay the ridiculous amount anyway as I was very hungry and had spent a good 5 minutes of my time selecting my order from the menu already. I also wanted to find out if the food had some magical properties. Perhaps it could grow a giant bean stock or shed 10 pounds off my frame while eating it somehow. It had to be special for that price! I got home and must admit it was good, like Arby's or the local supermarket deli good, but nothing close to as incredible as I had anticipated, and it definitely was not magical. So how, I wondered, was this company able to rip people off on a daily basis and stay in business? It blows my mind that you get away with robbery and charging the overly expensive prices that you do. The service was good, the food was good, but overall not nearly worth the cost of the food. Needless to say I will not be returning ever again, or at least until the corporate *** who came up with these greedy prices pull their heads out of their *** and come up with some reasonable prices. In case you need help I have decided to give you heads start (and this is being generous with the pricing mind you):

HALF sandwich $3

Full sandwich $5-$7

HALF pasta $3

Full pasta $5-$7

Cookie $0.99-$1.50



Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Sandwich.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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I just ordered lunch with co-workers today and it cost $15 for my grilled cheese and bowl of soup I've never had such an expensive lunch


We ate there tonight..half sanwich 5,99 part of pik 2..we had half sanwich small bowl soup a drink and a cookie..over 30$$..We laughted..and said we shoulda went to Outback..and got 2 steak dinners..


I haven't been to Panera in long time, but I was running an errand on my lunch, and they were right there, so I stopped in. I Just got a cup of chili.

It was $6.49. I was in shock. I asked if I could get some cheese sprinkled on top, they said that would be an extra $1.20. I said I didn't want the chips that came with it, could I have the cheese included instead.

They said no, the chips are free, if you don't want them, you don't save any money. I asked if they have soup cracker, they said no, they don't have crackers. I asked for a manager, and she did substitute the cheese for the chips, so I didn't have to pay the extra $1.20 for a sprinkle of cheese. But still, $6.49 for a watery cup of chili?

The cheese they gave me was about a teaspoon full of cheese. Very very small amount. It disappeared as soon as I put it in the chili. Never again.

I will not shop there again... ever.


I agree 100 percent. I ordered a half greek salad for pickup.

Paid close to $6. Once I arrived back at my office to dig in to the salad, I was extremely disappointed to find there was about 1/2 cup of *** romaine lettuce and a few cherry tomatoes, two black olives and about 2 teaspoons of feta cheese crumbs.

SIX DOLLARS--FOR A TINY, TINY "SALAD". Will definitely not return for their extremely over priced food.


I completely agree. I got a whole sandwich, small Mac and cheese and a medium chai tea.

$17.54 That’s outrageous. I could get a steak dinner for that!!


They should be giving all of that food away for free to the Homeless and Hungry.


Went to Panera yesterday for a the-out order and that will be the LAST TIME I ever waste my money there. Made the mistake of ordering a pick2 and was shocked when they told me how much it would be.

My side order was a cup of soup (not a bowl - just one cup) and they charged $4.19 (and I'm not including tax)!!!

When I got home, I found they left out the bag of kettle chips, so I called the manager to complain AND SHE HUNG UP ON ME. Forget Panera.


Seriously considering never eating at Panera Bread. Very over priced and tiny portions. Going back to McAListers!!!




Ditto the long explanation above! But located in NJ.

Never again pick2. $26 dollars for daughter and I and that's without drinks!


Panera is overpriced garbage food. I hope they go out of business.

The food really isn’t worth the outrageous price. I stopped going there.




Sitting at panera now and it just feels bad. 2 you pick 2 are $31.

The jub corporation purchase of panera really got prices go through the roof.

The portion is tiny even my kid wants more. Newer again, sorry panera.


My wife and I while eating at Panera thought wouldn’t it be nice to be a billionaire and be able to eat at a rip-off like panera regularly. It didn’t use to be rushed dirty and overpriced.

It used to be cheaper and huge portions. And the quality of employee has gone down drastically


We had same thing last night. Except on top of paying $30 for only what amounts to a salad and a sandwich, the service was atrocious.

We will not be going back....

ever. Never.


Just stopped at Panera’s this afternoon for lunch. Ordered 2 pick two lunches- salad and half sandwich with 2 drinks.

Order came to $30!!!! I thought it was a mistake. NEVER AGAIN will I eat there! I could have gone to any of my favorite upscale restaurants and ordered a delicious lunch served to me on linen tablecloths for less than that price!

Panera your food doesn’t warrant those prices. I feel for their employees that have to deal with a lot of unhappy soon to be ex patrons!


Seems just last year that same meal was around 22$


I had a similar experience with Panera and will not be back. The prices are outrageous.

I have not been there in a few yrs and the food was good but the food at many local restaurants is amazing and for about the same price as their pick two.

So amazing vs good food. Easy decision given its the same price...


Was there 3 months ago and spent $15 on a whole sandwich, chips and drink. This is thee most overpriced meal I have ever paid for and will not be back.

Good food? Yes! Good portions?

Not really. I'm done with this place.


This was great! Alittle levity is needed since Lisa is absolutely correct on the pricing!

We live within walking distance to a Panera Bread and my teens always love the broccoli cheddar soup. Now they are big teens and can nail down 1 group soup each! The pricing started at $12 a groups soup and is up to $16!!!!! It’s so outrageous of pricing!

And especially since I can go to weis abs grab the exact group soup for $9.99!!

What a mark up! I do believe the company needs to figure out honest and decent pricing.

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