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I just wanted to say I haven't been to a Panera Bread in a while, probably at least 6 years. I really had no desire to go in the past, but today I decided to give it a shot and try the food again. I had never remembered the prices being too outrageous and the food was good from what I recalled so 'why not' I thought. I honestly was not expecting to pay as much as I did once I left. I order the You Pick 2 half pasta and half sandwich, with a cookie. That was it. I figured half of each type of meal would equal the cost of a full meal, right? Wrong! The You Pick 2 is a rip off! I order expecting $8-$9 tops for the amount of food I was getting (I ordered small sizes even!), but was actually charged $15! WTF. I didn't even realize the cost until I had already put in my order and a part of me (after reviving myself from my stunned stupor after the clerk told me the total) wanted to laugh in her face and walk out. I decided to pay the ridiculous amount anyway as I was very hungry and had spent a good 5 minutes of my time selecting my order from the menu already. I also wanted to find out if the food had some magical properties. Perhaps it could grow a giant bean stock or shed 10 pounds off my frame while eating it somehow. It had to be special for that price! I got home and must admit it was good, like Arby's or the local supermarket deli good, but nothing close to as incredible as I had anticipated, and it definitely was not magical. So how, I wondered, was this company able to rip people off on a daily basis and stay in business? It blows my mind that you get away with robbery and charging the overly expensive prices that you do. The service was good, the food was good, but overall not nearly worth the cost of the food. Needless to say I will not be returning ever again, or at least until the corporate *** who came up with these greedy prices pull their heads out of their *** and come up with some reasonable prices. In case you need help I have decided to give you heads start (and this is being generous with the pricing mind you):

HALF sandwich $3

Full sandwich $5-$7

HALF pasta $3

Full pasta $5-$7

Cookie $0.99-$1.50



Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Sandwich.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Was there 3 months ago and spent $15 on a whole sandwich, chips and drink. This is thee most overpriced meal I have ever paid for and will not be back.

Good food? Yes! Good portions?

Not really. I'm done with this place.


This was great! Alittle levity is needed since Lisa is absolutely correct on the pricing!

We live within walking distance to a Panera Bread and my teens always love the broccoli cheddar soup. Now they are big teens and can nail down 1 group soup each! The pricing started at $12 a groups soup and is up to $16!!!!! It’s so outrageous of pricing!

And especially since I can go to weis abs grab the exact group soup for $9.99!!

What a mark up! I do believe the company needs to figure out honest and decent pricing.


It's called basic math, try it some time. Take one item on the menu, look at cost, then another item for the pick two, and then, OMG, you add them together. Really?

to Anonymous #1400431



Things changed in just a few years.

5 years ago I used to go to panera on a weakly basis, I would host a board games event there. The management was very accommodating, they gave us a private room, and would bring around cookies, pastries, and other samples, free sodas, and such.

The food was good and prices reasonable. I remember paying about $7 including tax for a salad. Now I just went there yesterday and got the same salad, no drinks, no sides or pastries, $11. They also had a program called MyPanera, where every 2 or 3 meals you got there you would get a free pastry or free coffee or even a free salad or sandwich sometimes.

It was a great program when it started. Now you have to buy like 15 overpriced meals to get $1 off a salad. big woop, so $10 instead of $11 after spending $120. 5 years ago you would spend about $20, get 3 full meals and drinks, and get something for free every time.

Now the greed has just gotten terrible.

They have lost a loyal customer, and not only me, but I am telling everyone I know never to go there again, it is a huge ripoff. I can't see them being in business for much longer.


I am sitting in Panera right now and just paid 7.34 for a kids soup, apple, and soda. I am completely disgusted.


The last time i will come here. I knew better and gave in to bringing kids here and am now really mad at myself for doing it.The amount of Macaroni you get for $4.99 is disgusting.

I will never bring my kids here ever again.



Yes, I couldn't agree more. High prices for very small portions of food.

I'm not sure as to how they are still in business.

They probably won't be much longer. Their commercials are *** and disgusting, too.


Want to know why it is expensive? Because it is ACTUAL FOOD unlike the pink slime *** given to you by macdonalds or burger king amd etc.

Seriously you all need to stop complaining so much and grow up, you want cheap food?

Go to a cheaper fast food joint.

You want real food? Panera

to Anonymous Hurst, Texas, United States #1185589

yes they put actual food in it, but the broth bowls are NOT healthy they are LOADED WITH sodium so badly almost chocked!

Big deal they have good bread etc I don't find it particularly healthy at all. yes it is.. A RIP OFF


I paid $14 for tomato soup and mac & cheese. This has to be a joke

Edmond, Oklahoma, United States #996936

I went to Panera for the first time with my 11 year old daughter. She had a grilled cheese sandwich, an apple and a mango smoothie.

I had a 1/2 turkey club, Mac & Cheese, ice tea.

$24.50!!!! WTF???

to Anonymous Bloomington, Illinois, United States #1184578

Well, not defending Panera for having prices higher than a lot of fast casual dining places, but the prices are on the menu so it shouldn't be a surprise when you are given a total. A kids grilled cheese sandwich; $4.30.

Then, a smoothie on top of it would be another $4.50. Adding in a half club sandwich ($5.79), mac & cheese ($5), and an iced tea ($2) is $21.59 total. Then, you have to pay tax; $2-3 maybe depending on the state. It really isn't a huge stretch to get to $24.50.

You can't order food AND drinks, especially a smoothie, and expect to pay $15. Inflation causes consumer prices to increase. Blame the banks/gov't for printing money whenever they feel like it.

However, consumers need to take a little personal responsibility and actually do math when spending money. Dollars are votes.

to Anonymous Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1214249

Their pick 2 menu was ridiculous. I ordered 2 from pick 2, their prices were confusing.

I wanted half of this half of that and thats it but I was charged for a full bowl and for half a sandwich. The total was over $13. Thats too much to pay for so little food. The mini sandwich was separately priced at $5.19 and the soup was charged at a bowl price of $6.99.

I only wanted the pick 2 price for each of those. I did not want a whole bowl. The menu was confusing. Had they charged me for the actual pick 2 price for the soup it would have been $4.89.

I still think this is too much to charge for a small cup of soup and a smaller than half a sandwich. The sanwich was smaller than the size of the regualr white bread that can be bought at supermarkets.

to Anonymous #1515376

No no they are not on the menu

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