Providence, Rhode Island
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I went in for a job interview at the location on Biscayne three times in about a 5 days timespan. The first day was smooth, it was with a manager by the name of Serge, the next interview consisted of me sitting and waiting for 30 minutes just for the manager to tell me he’s going to be in a conference call for a while, so he had another supervisor schedule me an interview for a different day, that day just so happened to be the next day.

On the next day, for the THIRD time I walked there, once the manager saw me he said “what are you doing here?” So I said “My interview?” in a very confused manner because at that point I was confused. He then said “you were rescheduled, I can’t interview you right now I still have conference calls.” Normally, any respectable manager with common sense would not be saying odd things like this to a potential employee, customer, or anyone of that matter. I told him they scheduled me for that day and he had a complete attitude. The managers name was Tom by the way, Thomas was the whole name I believe.

I exclaimed to him that I was continuously walking back and forth in the heat and he asked where I was coming from, once I told him Johnson & Wales across the street his entire demeanor changed. He said if he would’ve known that he would have TOLD ME NO AND TO LEAVE because of the school hours at my college and the fact that students leave for breaks. I had to explain to him that strenuous hours of schooling was only for culinary kids and I’m not a culinary student, nor do I go home on breaks.

He was extremely rude and has changed my complete view on Panera. I’m writing this because I couldn’t leave a review, I definitely searched how to for about 10 minutes.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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