Spartanburg, South Carolina
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NEGATIVE STARS. do not support ANY panera bread.

i worked for panera for over 4 years. I was fired for exercising my constitutional rights!!! i was accused of saying something and i politely refused to engage in such accusations without evidence. They literally told me it was quote " ridiculous to ask for evidence of what we are accusing you of".

and i was fired on the spot. Then they all lied to the unemployment office and said i tried to "physically attack them", again no evidence, just lies to save themselves from getting sued. just another criminal fast food company that does not care about its employees, they even pay workers less as time goes on, (when i started baking overnight it was starting wage of 11 hr, then it dropped to 10, now it is 8! basically minimum slave wage to work overnight while the incompetent criminal managers get $10,000 bonus checks.

not joking, they literally get that much to do nothing of value. Top it off with the fact that customers pay ridiculous prices to eat their mediocre food.

seriously a PB and J and a coffee is like 9 dollars, who pays that? I cant say enough about the incompetency and criminality at panera i could keep going but i wont.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Bread.

Reason of review: criminal managment.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: official letter admitting my constitutional rights were violated and that the managers lied to the unemployment office about trying to physically attack them..

Panera Bread Cons: Management.

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