Birmingham, Alabama

I recently went to a location near the Rave Motion Pictures theatre, ordered soup and a sandwich and when I went to pick up my order it was being served by a man with a long beard.


Doesn't this company realize how grotesque that is? I 'm sorry all you follicular lovers out there, but it's rank to have food being prepared and served by men with facial hair. None of the better establishments tolerate it, why does this company?

I refused my order and told them why. They were not nice about it and begrudgingly refunded my money.

Done with Panera.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Soup.

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How do you live inside of your own head? Honestly cannot understand why people are so eager to tell others how to live...

you were unaffected by the beard and yet caused a mess of a situation. After that you should refuse orders prepared by Protestants because that makes sense.

At the least, do not publicize your ridiculous everything for the world to see.


WOW! You are a horrible person! People like you that think they deserve to control the lives and personal freedoms of others should not be tolerated.


Well yeah they were annoyed- you discriminated against an employee cause you didn't like their looks...did you expect them to risk legal action by what firing the guy? Get a life.


You're a *** ***.

What's the *** problem? I mean unless you find hair in your food, zero problem. Just because someone has facial hair doesn't mean they don't take care of it.


How long was his beard-----was it dragging in your food? I do know some places make bearded men wear some type of covering over their beards, however, the beard more than likely would have to be a certain length.