Georgetown, Texas
Customer service

I ordered twice for Rapid Pickup and NO more will I do that. I liked the idea because often when I go there they are out of the bread I want.

The first order wasn't ready on time so I had to wait for it. The second time I ordered they forgot to give me the potato chips with my sandwich so I had to stand in line to get them. Then when I got home, I found out that they hadn't sliced my sourdough bread! So, I had to drive 12 miles round trip to get my bread sliced!

So, I can't win! Either I get there and they are out of the bread I want or I order Rapid Pickup and my order is messed up!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Panera Bread Cons: No senior discount.

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This is this is the most worthless service I have ever seen. With special parking spots marked for Rapids service you would assume like any other restaurant that it would be brought out to you rapidly when you arrive.

Instead you are to go in and Flounder about trying to find where your food is waiting for you getting cold. The drive-thru however might be actually rapid. And they don't ask for a tip.

I am absolutely done with you Panera Bread. I love Uber Eats and I will never ever pay another dl extra time for one of your sorry *** special services.


I know this is old but...why couldn't you slice it yourself? If you have no hands, i apologize.