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I have a complaint to the Gift Card Toll Free number. Here's what happened.

$50 gift card that I acquired through my Discover Card rewards program. I used the card twice in consecutive days for a beverage the week prior to Thanksgiving leaving $47.23. I go to use the card a few days after Thanksgiving and I'm told the balance is ZERO. The card has been on my at all times.

No one had access to it except me. I call the toll-free number (sounded like the Philippines) to file a complaint and I'm told "corporate will call me" in three days. Day one just passed, no call. The call center told me that I used the $47.23 on Thanksgiving Day at my local Panera.

I called the local Panera asst manger who was not helpful (clueless how, why my card was zero balanced by their restaurant). She told me they were closed on Thanksgiving Day. So I'll be waiting for two more days to see how this is resolved. Very inconvenient.

I've purchased several cards (through Discover) and never had a problem like this. Buyer beware. Funny today I get an commercial email from Panera offering cards $40 for $50 card offer. Yeah, right.

I won't be doing that. More to follow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Gift Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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