Nashville, Tennessee
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I have been trying to contact Panera Bread through their contact email on their website for almost 2 weeks now and have received NO response. I had a horrible experience at our Panera Bread.

My husband and I both ordered the pick 2 specials to go and got a half salad and half sandwich. When we received our order the salads were ridiculously small! I have attached a picture of them so you can see just how small they were. You can see the bottom of the to go box through the few little leaves of lettuce and croutons.

I went back into the store and told them that their portions were tiny and I could get a bigger side salad at McDonalds for $1. They said that they just underwent training and they would get yelled at if they gave customers any more than what we were given!! First off, it's bad enough that we were given these tiny salads but then to go back into the store and not have your order corrected because the cooks were too afraid of being yelled at by their boss, then to write Panera corporate and be COMPLETELY IGNORED despite 3 attempts to correct the situation?? This is NOT what I call quality service AT ALL and I am horrified that a company would treat their customers this way!

How much does it cost to buy a head of lettuce and a tomato? How cheap do you have to be to give out such measly portions of a dish that costs you cents to prepare!

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Salad.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Over the years, Panera sandwiches have been shrinking and the ingredients have also been miniaturized. The only thing that has increased over the years is the price!You don't get much for your dollar at Panera now.


That is one sad looking salad...


Learn to cook for yourself and you won't be disappointed. Lol.


Their sandwiches has literally small pieces if turkey in middle, I mean like 3 pieces and the rest is bread. I don't like a lot of meat, but this is ridiculous.

My soup was broth, hardly any noodles!

The manager said they cater to people whi calorie count. Lol. Good try, that was the most craziest answer ever!!!


They are not cheap either. I will never go there again.


There is actually iron-clad rules about portioning.

Only allowed to put 1.75 oz. of meat on the sandwich

And yes we do get yelled at, written up, and possibly fired just because we cater to your snobby self when it wants more than it ordered.


I like how people eat part of their food before taking a picture and then claim that is all they got and try to get a refund. How cheap do you have to be to pull such a scam. GET A JOB.


Obviously you work for Panera. This place is a rip off no matter what location you go to.

Order a sald yourself - or anything there - and see that you haven't paid triple what you should have and get tiny portions. Maybe you should get a job somewhere besides Panera.

I think it's funny they have people on this site they've hired to defend their shady business practices. Look around on this site - proof everywhere that they are a ripoff


Get used to it. Every large food chain has the bean counters taking over and they are reducing the portions that they serve.

The employees are right. They will get bitched out by the manager if they give you any more. And yes, the manager doesn't give a *** anymore because they are constantly being harassed by upper management to make their numbers no matter what.

It's the world we live in now.

All the big companies care about is nickel and dime the customer to make the bottom line look good for the investors so the big wigs can get there huge bonus. That's what it all boils down to.

In the process they alienate the people that keep the doors open. The customer.

Personally I don't know why anyone eats there anyway.

Their food sucks. It is a direct reflection of management. They are killing their own businesses but are too *** to see why.

It's a simple solution.

Don't reward their flawed thinking with your money. Don't eat there.


Get a life! Waiting on a response from Panera about what looks to be a half salad anyway.

And this has been going on about 2 weeks? Wow, you are a delusional fchkhead arentcha


Yup, looks like 1/2 salad to me too.


That looks about to be the half salad

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