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My family and I went to Panera Bread in Pocatello Idaho a couple days ago. We had one of the best customer service experiences in a very long time!

The Gal who served our food, I believe, was Krystal. She was Extremely polite and generous and when my toddler son dropped his spoon on the floor she immediately picked it up and said, "Let me get you another one!" The tone in her voice was soothing and my son even put his arms up for her to pick him up! This is something that is very surprising, as my son is disabled and does not take to strangers well at all.

The restaurant was not busy at all so Krystal spent some time at our table because my son just couldn't seem to keep his little eyes off of her! I just wanted to let you all know at Panera Bread in Pocatello, that Krystal is one of the nicest most friendly employees!

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Waiter.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Awww that is so sweet. I'm glad you and your family especially your son had a great time.