Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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I've been to this restaurant and dined in maybe 5 times. Two of those times I went to the restroom and saw a server leave the restroom WITHOUT washing their hands.

And this was not the same worker!! Two different workers, two different occasions! Just gross. Then today I am fed up.

I got a large tea to go on my way home. Got my tea saw something floating in it, assumed it was a piece of a lemon? The tea is brown and it looked brown in the liquid but like goey and stringy like a lemon. Once home, halfway done with my drink decided to fetch the piece of lemon floating at the top out.

Ummm this is not a lemon!!!! Grossed the *** out. What is this??? I felt like I was going to throw up.

As you can see I had already finished half my tea.

Definitely won't be drinking the rest....

Also, should've known why would there be ripped up squeezed lemon pieces in the drink...ew just ew. I am not sure if I want to know what this is or if it's better that I just will not ever know

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Drink.

Reason of review: Cleanliness, something in my drink .

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Panera Bread Cons: Uncleanliness workers and kitchen.

  • dirty restaurant
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This place is gross

Don't eat here!!

They don't even support the veterans

*** little bagel only!!!

Bathroom dirty floors dirty

Salad I got was old lettuce!! No gluten free products and over priced Stay away


Thats gross


There are sinks in the kitchen for hand-washing.. many employees prefer to use those sinks.


Listen you shouldnt even whine about not witnessing an employee wash his hands when the customers are FAR MORE DISGUSTING. There have been times where i had to clean *** and fecal matter off the walls and floor because of some customer


I'm not calling you a liar and your complains are valid, but I do have a question.

Did the two employees actually go to the restroom or were they just in the sink area?

When I worked fast food, sometimes I would go in the restroom to make sure that my uniform was straight, hair was ok, etc and I'd be in the sink area for a while and then I'd I didn't touch my hair or anything, I'd leave. I've had customers "complain" that my hands were dry when I leave the restroom.

I just started washing my hands EVERYtime I exited the restroom. Lol

It's just a thought.

And yes, like others have said, that Brown goop is from the bottom of the tea urn.

Gross but not dangerous.



If this is even true and you are Sooo disgusted, don't go there.


It's what forms when the tea urns are not cleaned out each night properly. Call it tea slime, tea snot, nasty sheit...whatever.

You should have brought it to the managers attention immediately. It won't affect you in any way, it's just not something pleasant to see.

As far as employees not washing their hands after using the toilet, UNACCEPTABLE!!!! YOU should have pulled a a manager aside and let them know immediately!!! Or call the health department and file a complaint.

In addition to the employees, the public should also wash their hands after using the lavatory.

As they end up touching EVERYTHING that the employees do not!!!! Soda buttons, cups, napkins, silverware, butter chips, coffee spigots, etc.


The Panera bread that I go to a lot with my lunch break is usually pretty nice, well staffed, clean. There's always two or three people always cleaning the dining area.

I see you're in Louisiana. That (no offense) may have an effect on the quality.


Just because an employee doesn't wash their hands before leaving a rest room, doesn't mean that they don't get washed before doing any work. Most of those places have at least one sink in the kitchen area. Also it wouldn't make much sense for an employee to wash their hands while still in the rest room when they have to open that door and in some places open another door to get back to the area where they work.


That is really ignorant. All employees (and it would be great if all customers) should wash their hands prior to leaving the restroom.

It is just common sense, yes you are right that they should wash when returning to the workspace also but soap and water is pretty cheap - washing both times is the correct answer. Your example of opening the door proves my point, they should wash after using the restroom before touching the door - even though you are certain that they have handwashing stations in the kitchen what about the customer that touches the door after the employee and does not have a handwashing station at his or her table. It's kinda like that customer just handle the employees junk isn't it?

If for no other reason the employee should recognize the importance of customer perception. I recommend taking a look at the following youtube video from an episode of Seinfeld


You seem to lack reading comprehension. They say what is the point of washing twice. Have mommy or daddy reread the comment and explain what it means.


anonymous.. the worker just wiped his/her butt.

There is no excuse. WASH YOUR HANDS!!! If you're not washing your hands in the rest room where you wipe your cooch and scratch your butt.. what makes me think you're going to wash them in the kitchen.

Better yet, wash them in the rest room and then again in the kitchen. If you don't agree then you do the same thing and you're dirty.


I guess mommy did not teach you not to assume things.


.... REALLY?

When they do not wash their hands in the restroom, think of EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH until they find that "second" sink you are alluding to... NOT GOOD! They has %^$&%^$ on their hands when they open the restroom door and everything else.

The next person to open that same door or whatever else picks up the i^&^&^*& that they left behind.... DEFINITELY NASTY!


My parents taught me not to *** on my hands, didn't yours?

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