Long Branch, New Jersey

on 1/10/2012 shopped at Panera Bread on Woodbridge Center Dr. in Woodbridge NJ. I opened the bag in my office and put a knife through the bun I purchased, here came out a 10' long black hair.

I called the store manager, without any apologies, she asked me to go back so she can open an "incident report" and then replace my bun.

you have got to be kidding, i am going to waste my time because you made a mistake. I went back handed here the bag and without a word, left the store. Why?

How could you eat any thing in that store knowing that a long hair came out of the dough..........Nicole did have black hair, the manager........

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Manager.

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What did you get that had a "bun"? We don't have anything on a bun.

Also, you lose your hair around your house all the time, as do people who visit your house. People act like a piece of hair is infected with some flesh eating disease.

We all have it, we all lose it, it's not disgusting. It's unfortunate, but you should probably find a way to get over it, and if you can't think about re-prioritizing your life.


It sucks when you get a hair in your food, but unfortunately it does happen sometimes. If all employees had their hair pulled back and were wearing hats, then there isn't much else that can be done about it.

The manager offered to replace the food. There's isn't much else you can do. *** happens and you're living in a world of people that grow hair and sometimes it ends up in bad places.

I'm sure the employee didn't purposely put the hair in your food. If you can't deal with the possibility of mistakes like that happening, then don't eat out.


If the truth is known you probably have eaten a lot worse things that you didn't know about.


Lies. At 10' long, the tallest woman would drag this around on the floor behind her.


Unsure exactly what you expected them to do for you? Buy you a new car?

A trip to Spain? They said they would replace the bread.

Do you really expect them to give you a monetary settlement for one black hair?? Your playing the "victim" is unbecoming of you.