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Manager is horrible and has been very rasist! Im fed up with the way we have been treated!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Let me say that Panera Bread is one of my favorite places to eat so I'm not complaining about getting my way or looking for something for free its the experience I have had with this same manager! He's rude and not professional.

That's why I contacted the company and voiced my complaint.

People need to stop jumping on this website and replying to others personal experiences without knowing the actual facts. Its not your place to judge a situation when you have nothing to do with it or have even experienced the same treatment.


Have they actually been racist or is this just a card you're playing because you didn't get your way? If they truly are, record the manager and spread it around until corporate gets involved.

That, or contact the general manager, then you could always try to go even higher up. If he truly has been racist, I am deeply sorry you've experienced this and, should it happen again, definitely start the camera and get it captured.


Playing a card??? Wow.

It never seems to change when someone is treated unfairly. Get your facts together before you reply to a situation.

I'm not worried about getting my way cause I'm the customer who is paying for good food and I thought service.If you have questions about the situation ask before you assume. Have a wonderful day!


By the way you got so defensive then it was most likely you just playing the race card. Clearly you couldn't get passed my first sentence to read the rest of what I said.

If it was ACTUAL racism, report it and try to get evidence of it so that the person who did it can be help responsible. If it's just you being all bitter about not getting your way and playing it as a race thing.... then shame on you for adding to a bigger problem. I have my facts straight, you just don't like them.

Additionally, my very first sentence was a question. Do you not know what a question mark insinuates?

People like you make society terrible. Congrats!


Well let me see sounds like you have just played the race cardClearly you couldn't get passed my first sentence to read the rest of what I said. I cleaned up my comment and tried to clarify what the issue was.Im not a person of color....im not white, im not trying to get over or get my way?

Im a proud American and I will not be treated unfairly especially when the person who treated me wrong was illegal !!! So yes it was ACTUAL racism, I did report it and got evidence and that the person was reassigned to anothet location!!!I just got confirmation from my assistant he has actually been terminated! Now If it's just you being so sad and saying I was playing it as a race thing.... then shame on YOU for adding to a bigger problem...

YOU didn't have any facts straight. I read alot of your comments on others post and you seem to be a very angry and a miserable person!!! If all you know how to do is troll the websites to comment on peoples experiences you definitely need a reality check or wait you need a job. My company is looking for help...but im sure you couldn't work for me with this type of mentality.Do YOU not know what a question mark insinuates????

I only posted my problem on this site to make sure others were aware of that location. Its been a problem for a long LONG time.My company YES my company is a multimillion dollar company that has payed the establishment several hundreds of dollars or actually its been more a couple of thousands to cater to my employees a month and im happy to say that part of their business has been terminated as well!Its not only me and my family & co-workers its been several customers with the same issues at the location ONLY!Im proud to be who I am the question is are YOUPeople like YOU make society terrible because of your opinion means little to nothing to educated Americans like myself!

YOU simply hide behind the computer screens and never do anything positive!Stay off my post and get your facts straight. Nobody is asking for anything Free, we are not trying to pull a card lol...or get our way as you say we are very respectable customers who pay good money for good food.Enjoy your life!