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I have been going to panera for years but not as much lately because the portion sizes got smaller and the prices higher.This time, my sons bread bowl was less than half full.

I took it back and the manager said he wouldn't add more to it because they measure the size precisely and that's all you get. I told him I have been getting those for years and never had it filled that low. He basically said too bad and dissed me. So instead of filling it up at a cost of probably only 20 cents, he lost a take home order I had planned on ordering where he would have made over $15 and worse, at least 5 semi regular clients who were tottering on whether panera was worthy.

He was rude and dismissive. When I asked his name, he wouldn't tell me his full name, only "Dan".

When I said please tell me your full name, he refused and said it's just manager Dan.That seems pretty shady to me that a manager of a restaurant is afraid to state his full name.

Review about: Panera Bread Soup.

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What is your policy when you run out of a very popular bagel before noon on a Sunday? I asked when or if they were making more and was basically blown off. How can you run out of a popular bagel and tell the customer to bad??


Get a life!


You can't just traipse into a restaurant with your two ton twinkle toes demanding more more more!!!


If Corporate has decreed what you got as the portion size offered, then that is all the manager can give you.If he gives you more, then you will expect it every time you go there.

I can't go into a restaurant and demand a larger portion for free.

Why should you be able to?Don't like the portion sizes, don't give them your business.


the manager should've told you his last name.Hope you complained to corporate.

Start making your own soup at home.

I do this at least once a week.Reheats well, super cheap portions..


The manager didn't act accordingly to Panera standards. He/she should have filled a to go cup with the soup that you requested so bread bowl would be where it should have been to begin with. Simple fix.


Panera has indeed lessened the portion sizes. You can read complaints about this all over the internet. You can blame corporate for that.

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