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Husband just recently spent the night and a day in the hospital due to violently severe food poisoning (Thursday night 10/29/15) Due to the Panera Panini, The Chicken Fontaga I believe it was called (Which wasn't even the panini I had ordered, I was given the wrong sandwich). Upon calling Panera Bread the next day to let them know of the incident and that they may want to keep a heads up for more calls in the days ahead ...

The chipper young girl on the other end said "Ok thanks, bye" and hung up.... not a "Have a good Day"...not a "Oh, I'm so sorry he got sick" not an offer to refund the meal (Which I wouldn't have accepted anyhow, but would have been the expected course of action in her position).... nothing....

just "Thanks, bye!" I should have contacted a manager after that to tell someone who might have taken the situation seriously but I was too angry at her flippant response to want to deal with any other Panera employee. Panera Bread at 2352 FL-580 Clearwater Florida

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Frontega Chicken Panini.

Reason of review: Food Poisoning and unsympathetic employee response .

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I also frequented the Panera Bread in Sarasota and on several occasions I had the chicken noodle soup, each time I became I became nauseous. The following morning I had diarrhea.

The last time I had the flat bread with the mozzarella cheese and tomato. Fifteen minutes later I started getting sever pains in my stomach and the next morning diarrhea again. I started getting suspicious and was not surprised when recently I read on the door a sign that they were serving "clean" soups and salads.

When you go to an eating establishment shouldn't you assume that their food is "clean"? I won't be going there again.


My co-worker and I also got violently ill after eating the frontega chicken sandwich. Called to warn them that something was wrong and to pull food items.

We have been treated like we are criminals for reporting. Spent hours in the emergency room, on antibiotics for 10 days. Eight days later, still feel horrible.

Was notified by Orange Cty Dept of Health. Hope something is done before someone else gets ill.


When you cannot end a sentence with a period, something taught in the first grade, you have no right calling an adult old enough to work a girl.