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I ordered two salads and soups..

The spinach salad has a very large photo on the side of the cash register and over head.. and what was served was exactly as pictured

half a bowl of soggy spinach with tine pieces of bacon and mushroom

the pieces are so tiny.. I have photographed them along with the fake and false adversing images your company proudly displays on the web site and in poster sized in the stores..

I needed a microscope to see the mushrooms and bacon

the real order LOOKs NOTHING LIKE THE PHOTO ..and filled with filler some chinese crispy noodles I did not want!!!!!!

i said to the girl behind the counter ‘ this order looks nothing like the photo’ and she said ‘none of them do ‘


these posters are all big fat lies..

I should sue!!! I want my money and gas back!!

the greens as pictured are wilted and soaked with dressing .. and too salty and again there was 1/88 of an inch slices of bacon

maybe one mushroom chopped into tiny tiny portions .. and

one really tiny egg that looked old as the hills..

the order looks nothing like the photo..and

tastes like it looks in reality

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Salad.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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Welcome to planet Earth


No order ever looks like the photos because the ones in the posters are staged by food designers the salad in the poster probably took hours to make as the designer sorted through hundreds of bags of spinach to find the perfect leaves Often even tweezers are used to place small details like the bacon bits and fried onions on just the right place. If you want the salad in the photo prepare to wait a day and and a half.


What the *** does being Italian have to do with being a good cook?

I could say the same thing but I know it would be and sound like a load of B.S. stereo typing by saying that is really dumb,besides Italy is like America only 25000 years older if you want to get into being Italian there's nothing special about our gene pool or unique or isolated anymore than saying your American so you must be better at something.Your complaint is just a lot of whinny b.s. And we was just saying everything is miss leading(like your Dumb statement)that's a big difference from defending.Grow up


The land is the same age. Stop being a drama queen.


When I said I could sue it was only an expression because I did completely WASTE $ ..

I know restaurants that take pride in their food.. unlike cheap chains like PANERAS..

Many restaurants esp local ones ..serve food LOOKS AND TASTES GOOD

and NEVER NEVER NEVER advertise with photos that do NOT LOOK LIKE FOOD they serve.. .. i know this for a fact.. because I have worked with restaurants who refuse to stoop to deceptive advertising.

.. in fact I am a professional photographer and have worked with many restaurants who PRIDE THEMSELVES on their food

and how it is presented... if you people defend this practice of displaying beautiful photos and then serving up food that looks five days old. . it explains why *** restaurants like this thrive in american .. and why most americans have weight problems.. they don’t know good food from *** chain food. i’m italian and a fantastic cook . . I did not ‘play’ with my food .. go order a salad..it’s wilted and doesn’t fill the bowl and had microscopic garnishes why the *** would I bother to play with food and write this column ? I have a life unlike people who either are on Panera’s pay roll to defend it’s cheap low end food because the bad food they eat slow them down and they have nothing better to do than defend *** chain food Panera served this up SOGGY DISH EXACTLY AS PICTURED Italians take pride in great food.. and Paneras is neither italian unlike their name suggests .. nor has great food.. If you defend a cheap chain like Panera’s like I said.. you are most likely on the pay roll or all your meals at Arby’s has affected your cognitive abilities ..( never mind your educational level) .. GOOD ESTABLISHMENTS DO NOT lie to the public DO THIS . end of story..


Lol this comment proves you have no life!! What an awful person you are.

I pity those forced to suffer your presence. Grow up.


It's like fast food,Have you ever received a burger that looks like what you saw on t.v. or a magazine?


I had the same bad spinach salad only no mushrooms just spinach and 1'2 of an egg. Waste of money.


Welcome to reality. Good luck with your law suit, I'm sure it will go far.


Try ordering a Big mac or Whopper and see if they look like the picture. You should check out Michael Douglas's view on this in Falling Down, classic.


The photos of food on display in most restaurants have been photo shopped or something like that. In fact I just finished reading an article about what goes into the whole process of taking photos of food for display in restaurants.

If you ever consulted an attorney about suing over this he/she would laugh in your face.

As for the last picture you posted what do you expect, after you have taken the salad apart and played with. It's time to grow up.

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