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During a luncheon date with my 29 year old daughter, a waiter brought our food to us and began a rant insulting her choice to be a vegetarian. He disclaimed the fact that there is global warming and continues to argue with us about how we shouldn’t believe in this myth.

My daughter began to shake and cry and we asked him to leave us alone. I have never been so appalled in a restaurant or any where for that matter. Your company makes claims about clean food and how it helps the planet and our health. You clearly don’t screen your employees before you set them loose on the public.

I am no longer going to step foot in your cheap hypochritical establishments. My daughter is now on the phone with you corporate office in tears.

I am a registered dietitian by training and I have in the past recommended Panera to my patients. I will no longer subject them or my family and friends to your abuse and disrespect.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Customer Care.

Reason of review: See complaint. You have bigots waiting on tables.

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Must be run by "Democrats".

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