Baltimore, Maryland

I came into the store inquired about the salmon salad was told it was out of season. I look over the menu asked an employee what was in the Meditteran Veggie sandwich.

The employee turned around to another employee and stated" Did she just asked what was in a veggie sandwich and started laughing while I was at the counter. The young lady name is Danille I do not have the name of the other employee however her description is " a short heavy set african American young lady who was dressed in all bugurday. I could not believe that Danielle made such a statement and laughed about it while I was standing at the counter how unprofessional is this. If Panera bread allow their employee to treat their customer with so much disrespect I will never come back to this establishment.

I left because I was so embarrassed I came back in the store and Danielle stated "here she comes again". I have never felt so humilated in my life by going into a store to purchase something to eat. I have never encounter anyone ever laughing in a customer face while they are standing there making a joke out of my question.

My reason for asking what was in the meditteran Veggie sandwich was because I can not eat everything instead of laughing at my comment she could have offered me some assistance by telling me what types of vegetable was in sandwich. I will stay I will never go to that establishment again becuase of how they those two young ladies made me feel when I left the store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Sandwich.

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Was it a teenager who made the inappropriate comment? Have you ever dealt with teenagers before?


Once you received the sandwich, you could have opened it and taken out anything you couldn't eat. There is only a certain number of vegetables that would be in a sandwich.

Are you complaining to us or to the restaurant. Did you by any chance mean Mediterranean? Exactly what does the description of the other employee have to do with your complaint? There was absolutely no reason for you to describe her personal appearance.

Furthermore, she she wasn't dressed in "burgurday." More than likely it was "burgundy." If you are so fussy about what you can and can't eat, maybe you should eat at home.


Get a grip you whinner, and dry your tears......I'd have LMAO too....what's in a veggie sandwhich......go figure. You should be embarrassed for asking such an *** question....putz