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The oven is in the middle of a busy thoroughfare at the Panera my son works at. The oven door does not stay open, but closes on it's own - whether this is by design or it's broken, he does not know. Today my son, an employee there, was hurrying past the hot oven when the door came up and grazed his arm, leaving a 6.5 X 3.5" burn on his bare arm. My son is an Eagle Scout with extensive First Aid training, so he immediately put cold water on it, followed by antibiotic spray. He was deciding whether he should go to the doctor when his manager told him it is company policy to be drug tested if there is any injury on the job and to go do that immediately. Never mind that my son was in shock - or that his burn was large and blistering. Never mind the placement of the oven or the fact that the door closes by itself - or is even left open to do so. Just look for ways to blame the injured party and avoid paying worker's comp. He left to do so, and phoned me on the way. concerned about what to do about his blistered arm. I've managed restaurants. Cuts and burns are a serious concern and should be treated as such. They endanger both employee and customer. If health is not your first concern, you need to be out of business. If health concern comes after legal concerns, you ought to be in jail.

Every day each Panera location throws away dozens of loaves of hours old bread because they poorly manage their estimates of what they'll need (as I said, I've managed restaurants - this is not difficult). They're too stingy to donate food that is fresher than at the grocery store to a food bank, and instead throw it in the trash. My son has been bringing it home and donating it himself. This company has no ethics, and cares only about your money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Manager.

Reason of review: you literally treat employees like garbage .

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Panera Bread Cons: Management.

  • Injured Employee
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