Tacoma, Washington
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I enter the Lakewood Panera cafe and order a coffee. The cashier couldn't have been more friendly and two associates greeted me with a smile before I even sat down.

Yet, from the two Panera management team members sitting adjacent to me and openly discussing their employees weaknesses, I suppose I should be surprised I saw anyone smiling. Topics ranged from "inappropriate facial piercings" and "that girl, she cries" to whether they wanted that person on their associate staff at all. These two model managers openly questioned the value (i.e. she is worthless) of their staff next to me and two other patrons.

The only mechanism to deter a ruined perception of these staff members were short glances over their shoulder to determine whether someone overheard their condemnations.

IS this acceptable workplace behavior? The management team in the attached photo is 'Eric' the general manager and unknown assistant manager of the Lakewood Panera.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Coffee.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I work at Panera and this doesn't surprise me at all. They are always cutting down their employees.

I've work at Panera for 12 years. I only work 3 hour lunches and the turn around for staff is crazy.

It's because of the low pay and how mean they are to staff. :(