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Panera Bread in Dover, New Jersey - False advertising

on the 2for's aprice is next to item by the time i got my bill it was 27.85 for 3 people we all had salad 2 soups 2 beverages and water!i am appalled and will never step foot in another store,staff said it was panera's fault the least they could have done was give me a gift card,all items separately priced very decieving,and bathrooms dirty,soup cold,i want my money back,i traveled a half hour to get there!i think the staff should explain what salad cost more and we didn't even have any chicken in them.what are you going to do about it?
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First of all, the staff doesn't have to explain why the prices are the way they are. The employees don't set the costs of things.

Unfortunately, when the cost of food goes up, these get passed onto the consumer. As far as giving you a gift card, that's funny. Takes money to buy a gift card, Panera isn't going to do that. If you thought the price of your food was soooo outrageous, which it wasn't, you should have just canceled your order and gone to McDonalds.

Also, when complaining about nonsense sheit, don't include the bathrooms as this wasn't part of your issue. I'm sure your bathroom isn't pristine either.

The prices aren't deceiving, you just need to learn how to add properly. How about learning how to cook, there's an idea!!!!


I hate it when people beg for freebies like gift cards ect. GET A JOB, so you don't need to beg for free food.

The only way you are going to get a job is by getting a better education. Your grammar indicates that you most likely dropped out of school when you were in the second grade. Complete your education and get a job so you don't have to beg for free food.

You do not deserve your money back if you already ate the food. GET A JOB, go back to elementary school and learn to user proper grammar so people will hire you.

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Panera Bread Salad

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