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I was a regular customer for a long time now.I thoroughly enjoy entering my Panera location to not only be greeted by the lovely energetic cashiers, but to be in heaven with their delicious food.

That all changed a couple of weeks ago, when they took out the chipotle chicken panini as "they were leaning towards healthier options." I'm no nutrionist, but mac & cheese is still there and I know that isn't healtheir than the sandwhich!!!!


:( we loved to come here, it was a go to but now there is just no effin point!!!!!!:(

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. blaanca is quite happy with food til they took it away and stated that there is a room for improvement of how they took my sandwhich away. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss panera bread chipotle chicken panini. Panera Bread needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I used to be a weekly regular.I've only eaten there twice since and what I ordered was far from healthy.

I know many of my friends have quit going as well. McCallister's has a similar sandwich and is right down the road. They don't have the atmosphere of Panera, but who cares about that if I can't eat what I want. Eff you Panera!!!

You ought to sell what actually sells and quit trying to shove lifestyle changes down my throat.

If you keep up this kind of business model you will one day be just another chain that we sit around and reminisce over."Remember back in the day eating at that place called Panera...."


I don't know what you guys are talking about because the Panera near me brought it back but got rid of the frontega chicken Panini. I am so dissapointed


Join the revolution: http://www.chipotlechickenpanini.com/


I work at a Panera as a manager and I do not understand the logic behind the corporate "brains".It seems as if Panera stopped targeting the majority of the population and are now looking to appease a small minority of rich wannabe healthy hipsters who think that "clean" means healthy.

The ingredients and chemicals taken out of the food were mostly just artificial coloring that had no effect on the flavor and quality of the food.That is why they took our favorite sandwich off of the menu and replaced it with a dry flavorless turkey kale panini.


We won't be bringing it back but I stead may I offer you a piping hot *** sandwich? It's just as good.


Me too!This was the only thing I got at Panera, and I loved it.

So bummed it's gone.:(


Chipotle Chicken is like liquid sex in your mouth.Bring that sandwich back!

I haven't eaten there since they removed it. Panera, your "healthy" angle is foolish. I drink kale shakes all day then get a good ole Chipotle Chicken to fill in the rest of the calories. My bodyweight is very healthy regardless.

I hope someone from Panera sees these posts.Hopefully their sales are declining and they do the right thing, AND BRING BACK MY YUMMY SANDWICH!


Totally agree. Chipotle chicken sandwich was the best item on their menu

Woodbridge, Virginia, United States #1078670

My boyfriend and I decided to go to panera one day.So I went up to the cashier to order and I find out they no longer have Chipotle Chicken Panini!!!

I am extremely upset about this.

That was the only sandwich I would get when I went there.I will no longer go to Panera since I have no other reason to go.

to Anonymous #1084419

I felt the same way when I was told they would no longer have it. I loved panera until then. Will no longer be a customer

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