Evanston, Illinois

My last visit to the Panera in Wilmette, Illinois I ordered the vegetable soup. When they served it I asked for a few sprinkles of Parmesan cheese on top. The store manager named Mike told me I would have to go back in line and pay $.65 for the sprinkles and that it was corporate policy.

I’ve never heard of such a thing. In all my 58 years, I’ve eaten in just about every kind of restaurant all over the world and if they had Parmesan, no one ever asked me to pay for it.

That was my last visit to Panera.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Soup.

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Parmesan costs money, it you cannot afford to pay for it do without, or get a job and pay for it.

White-Rhonda, you can make a scene all you want, but they can call the cops on you. Also this is not how an adult behaves now s it?


Food costs money, bro. Why don't you try to check out of a grocery store and not pay for the parmesan cheese in your cart. Are you going to stop going to grocery stores too because they won't give you something for nothing.


Disagree. Working at many restaurants I've never seen a parm charge... Ridiculous


I liked using the passive aggressive approach. Give the customer what they want with a smile on my face, but at the end remind them that it doesnt normally come with their soup and tell them the cost so next time the cashier will ring it in for them at the register so the line can get it right the first time.

Thanks! Have a great day.

@R-Ex trainer at Panera Bread

That may work, but the customer can always go back and pretend they were never informed about the price, or say I was not charged next time. Reading the OP's silly review this is exactly what she would do.


wow, do you expect to get free stuff everywhere you go? you add extra stuff to the regular price, you pay extra.

it's customers like you who throw hissy fits over minor incidents (that's your fault anyway) that make food service employees cringe upon arriving for their shift.

if you order extra cheese on anything (burger, sub, pizza, etc) it's going to cost you. if you're going to let $.65 ruin your meal/day, DON'T go out to eat.


first of all, the parmesan "sprinkles" you are talking about is not the stuff you put of pizza etc. Panera uses expensive asiago parmesan shaves.

If your soup does not normally come with that cheese (i.e French onion) what makes you think it would be free. If adding free stuff like extra cheese, xtra baguette slices, top off my soup, etc etc.

to every John Doe who asks, they would be losing a lot of money. Sure the manager went about it the wrong way, but you are still a cheap ***.


I would have given them back their soup and asked for my money back!! It's bad enough that they want to charge you but to expect you to get back in line?? They would have given me my money back or I would have made a scene!

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