Detroit, Michigan

I visited at a Novi Michigan store this morning and spent about $47 for a dozen of bagels, 5 croissants, 6 muffins, a bag of cookies and a box of cream cheese. I handed in my order in writing and specifically requested the bagels to be cut and baked. I heared the heard the cahsher telling another employee about the cutting and and baking for the bagel order and her tone is not very pleasent, but I did not hear they will not cut and bake the bagels. When I get back to my office and opened up the order, I found the bagels were not cut and baked.

I do not go to panera very open, and this will be my last for a while.

I registered at the and this morning and tried to find a palce on their website for my complaint, no luck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Bagel.

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Yeah, they have a spot that's titled "EXPERIENCES", but they don't do a thing if you offer a bad one. Panera Bred is THE worst of the worst.


If you ask them to toast all those yeah their gonna be mad but I doubt they were uncooked bagels


They gave you unbaked bagels? Or do you mean they were supposed to TOAST them or heat them up.