Winston Salem, North Carolina

First of all in North Carolina $13.79 is very expensive. The "classic Grilled cheese" was essentially american cheese between two slices of bread and microwaved so the cheese would melt.

There were these vague "grill marks" on the bread, certainly not a classic grilled cheese. The soup was comprable to canned Progresso chicken and noodle soup ($1.29 at Harris Teeter). For the last several times I have visited panera's I have been disappointed with the cost and quality of their food. Never again!

Oh yes do not ever get the "roast beef" cold chewey and bland! This is a typical restaurant where food is made off site and re-heated on site and they pretend to be Haut cuisine>

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As a 15 year veteran of the food service industry let me explain a few things. The larger a restaurant's menu is the greater the likely hood of the restaurant relying on pre prepared food is.

Everyone from corporate chains to even some mom and pop places thanks to companies like GFS, Sysco, and Sygma can all get pre prepared items. At Panera all of the soups are prepared offsite frozen and arrive in bags which are then reheated in a vat of hot water.

This is a very common practice and unless the restaurant claims the soup is made from scratch in house then you likely are receiving soup prepared in this manner. The foodservice industry relies heavily on these shortcuts because a properly trained Chef is not cheap and college students are.


You should know what your ordering. Look at the price before you order or go to walmart ***


Yeah their food is expensive and the quality isn't equal to the price. Try the salads,,, still expensive but they don't taste funny.

Also don't expect to get a bagel toasted...

They have to run it thru twice for it to turn brown. Or toasted