Miami, Florida

My Panera's in Palm Beach has posted on the menu: "You Pick Two -- $6.79" Meaning you can choose any two of your choice of sandwich, soup, salad.

So I asked for the "Pick Two" special, placed my order, got my change (without counting it) and now looking at the receipt see that they charged me$8.14 + .54 for tax.

The receipt says right on it ""Pick Two . . . .$8.14.

What skummy little turds.

So count your change and read your receipt IN LINE or bare the added humiliation of being forced back in-line to wait to fix their deceptuous practices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Salad.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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how a "you pick two" is charged is clearly posted on the menu, read it! If you don't get it, ask the cashier. Don't assume something and throw a fit


Pay more attention, the signature items cost more than the cafe items. Read the menu next time, it doesn't say anything about being able to "choose any two of your choice of sandwich, soup, salad," for the price staying at 6. 79.


That's because you got signature items smart guy. Read the menu next time.

And for the person who wrote the gouging comment, look up the definition of the phrase.

Clearly you don't understand the concept. General public = ***


It also says on the menu that there are up charges for certain items, and that if you get 1 signature item it's 7.29 and 2 signature items it is 8.19.

Pay more attention


Skummy little turds? Did you not hear the cashier tell you your total?

Also Logan is right, if you get one signature item the price is upped to 7 twenty something and its 7 eighty something for 2 signature items. And then +tax


I know that fuel has added some costs to resturants, i would accept maybe 5 to 10%. However a bagel was .89 and was raised to 1.39 thats a 34% increase!!

a bear claw was 1.39 increased to 1.59 thats a 14% increase.

That is just plain prices gouging. Food and price has been great but I will not pay for price gouging

@george papa

Well then stop being lazy and make food at your house. Problem solved.

We don't want you in the store anyway, complaining about spending 20 extra cents. People like you are just whiners.


read the menu you ***...


Panera Bread in Pittsburgh will towe your car away in 2 secs if you don't go right in their building right away. I belive they are in with the towing company.. STAY AWAY


Park where you're supposed to and there won't be a problem. You are not above the law, and they are well within their rights to enforce the parking laws.


On "you pick two", there is an additional charge for "signature" items. That may be why you were charged that amount.