Houston, Texas

Why do you not have the beard rolls anymore? The location i go to always never has beard rolls to slice and today when i went they had bread but the lady told me that they can't put the rolls threw the slicer.

I just found that weird.

Over all i like panera bread.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What the *** is a beard roll?????? Check your spelling before posting.

As for the other comment about the fireplace by someone else.

Telling your child to stop is not enough. Why did your husband allow him to be near the fireplace? Smack his hand and say NO, HOT!! Then if he continues to do it, oh well, lesson learned!!!

Don't blame Panera for your child getting burned. That was your own *** fault.


My family always love to go Panera bread, but the experience we had last night was horrible- We took our son who is almost two and half to the one located on 3650 Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, DE 19808. As soon as we entered, as usual, I went to wait in the line to order, and my husband took my son to find a seat then he was trying to arrange the seat so my son can sit down.

The place was just a table away from fireplace, we have been to many Panera bread and the fireplace was never an issue, but this time, my son looked at the fireplace and all of sudden put his right palm on the cover of fireplace, my husband said to him Stop but was too late. He got burned on his right palm. I heard a kid crying so hard and when I find what happened, we tried to calm him down, the light was too dark to clearly see what happened to his palm only see the dark red, but after his nonstop 5 minutes crying, we left our food untouched and rushed him to urgent care. His right palm had many blisters from burning, he cried about 4 hours last night and had to stay home to recovery.

We were very sad with upset about potential risk that Panera bread's environment can bring up.

If there was a safe net cover on fireplace, this thing would not happened. I hope Penara bread can improvement its environment safety to everyone including little kids.