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I go to Panera at least twice a week in Latham, NY don't go I always order a tomato mozzarella panini and it is never right Dan you should be ashamed of the store especially since I use to work there and it was never like that when Matt was the GM your employees joke around, do not even have crucial ingredients for sandwiches, and just in general do not care about pleasing your customers! It is truly a shame and you are loosing a loyal customer and believe me I will not be having any more mommy and me lunches with my girlfriends and their children there anymore! We will go elsewhere just look at what I got server last night!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Whoever wrote this review, you're an ***.


What's wrong with it? Looks yummy, can i have it if you're not going to eat it?


Great, PLEASE go somewhere else. You go twice a week?

If it's so bad, why do you keep coming back?!? I'm sure you're looking for something free.

What happened, were you fired?? Another *** spoiled, self entitled, got nothing better to do bored housewife.


First you say you go at least twice a week, and then you say it is never right!!!!

I think you sound like a disgruntled employee...go somewhere else and enjoy your meal.