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A Panera Bread just opened in our County and my excitement ended today when I went for lunch. There were no gluten free breads leaving me to choose only from the salads. The salad I chose was the Greek which was very mediocre - salad dressing right out of a bottle and not much of a variety of items in the salad. The atmosphere was nice, the staff was very friendly but the menu limitations quickly put Panera Bread off my list of places to eat...
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I have actually two separate issues, the first is the drastic change on your Mediterranean salad,why did you change the dressing or put in those horrible onions? Anyone who knows that Greek,Med, Italianknows it is supposed to be tart,with regular red onion just alittle. Also, if people complain about it they need to choose another dressing with sugar in it! The second one was at a location,Abbe Rd,Elyria,Ohio. Coffee had not been replaced for 4...
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  • Very good till i went to the iowa city location
They ruined their greek salad and italian combo sandwich. They changes the red onions to some kind of cooked sweet onion which makes the salad not so great. And they changed the italian combo sandwich to something with a whole lot more salami. Not so great anymore. They do this occasionally and it always takes me a while to find anything new on their menu that I like. Cannot believe they changed their basic standard greek salad though..
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I really like the regular Greek salad. Also the Asiago Beef sandwich has been removed. Also they tried to remove the French Onion soup.. why... People return because of things they know as a constant.. Sure new things are welcome but leave us old folks the plain standards. Do you think Mc donald's would have gotten to where they are today If they removed the Constant Items. Otherwise we love Panera Bread Company Thanks From Springfield IL...
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  • Menu changes
My friend suggested we eat at panera yesterday.Order #3778-8888-0193-7516-9878-79. We got home and the salad was about half of what it usually is. A little lettuce, a few dribbles of cheese and onions. We were very unhappy. I believe my next visit should be on you. I just love this. Now i have to enter a 100 words to send to send this, also very discourging. I have better things to do than sit here and type 100 words. I got the point across...
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Panera Bread Greek Salad Review from Katy, Texas
Food was bad came here 3 years ago and thought I would try it again. Thinking that they might have improved, it only got worse. I had to send my ceasar salad back and the greek salad had only a pinch of feta cheese on it. Both salads were tasteless. Then a teen girl was doing another girls hair in the dining area - "go in the bathroom when you need to groom yourself." It got even worse, coffee was bad, no utensils to spread my butter, i should...
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Anonymous Panera is a publicly traded company. They make money from selling stock, not from selling quality products. Find a local place to eat.


ransom I have been to several Panera's over the years and have always been happy. The food and service are excellent. Maybe it's you.
Before you start, I have never worked there...