Panera Bread Green Goddess Chicken Cobb Salad Reviews

Went to the Panera Bread Pasadena Md. Ordered 2 salads One Green Goddess came with out the egg a small amount of avocado and NO Chicken Ordered a Fuji apple salad It came with out the Chicken. Called the store and asked for the manager and was hung up on. Called the store back and got JIM and told him what happened He said that I should come back in he will give me an egg No mention about the chicken. and he hung up on me. This store use...
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I didn't like
  • Bad customer service
  • 2 salad no chicken in either also no egg small amount of avacdo
  • Manager jim was no help
Now it is the Green Goddess chicken cobb. The order taker, a young lady short on manners said the Green Goddess is the new chicken cobb. The salad was swimming in dressing, had kale which tastes like heck raw and generally was not good. That's it. Aside from that my companion normally gets a cherry danish. I imagine Panera is trying to make it more healthful because it hardly has any icing on it. I'm telling you, you don't order the...
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Anonymous Your green godess salad should not have alot of kale our new mix is mixed even. And the dressing is made in store its made with greek yougart so its a lil thick.

I'm so disappointed that they have done away with the chicken Cobb salad. It's the only reason I come here. The new green goddess is not even close and taste like grass.
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Anonymous I AGREE!!!
I love the Chicken Cobb Salad; I hate the Green Goddess Salad.
I hope Panera brings back the Chicken Cobb Salad with Avocado. It was...