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I ate at Panera Bread in Livonia, MI (Haggerty/8 Mile) on Friday, October 17th. I placed a "to go" order and sat down and waited.

I was observing the dining room and couldn't believe my eyes! A Panera employee wiped down the seat and the proceeded to wipe down the table top with the same cloth. There is probably fecal/urine matter on those seats not to mention other crud and diseases. I complained to the Manager and I think he could care less.

I will never eat at a Panera again.

Can you imagine the gross viruses and diseases on the tables you eat at. The stupidity of some Panera employees and management.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Manager.

Reason of review: Gross/dirty tables.

Monetary Loss: $8.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Panera Bread Cons: Dirty restaurant.

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Uhm, seriously, fecal/urine on seats, are diners sitting down naked?!?!?!? The solution that is used kills any bacteria and can be used on both table and seats.

Panera doesn't use bleach except maybe in their drains in back of house. IF you are soo worried about viruses and diseases please don't EVER leave your house. Also, those $1 bills you have are the dirtiest ever since they have been in a strippers crotch or used to snort that cocaine.

You know just climb into that bubble and bounce off a cliff or something. FTLOG!!!!


Have you not heard of bleach in the water? Bleach will kill the bacteria that might have been on the seats so that restaurants can wipe down seats AND tabletops at the same time!

That has been standard practice for over 50 years. Are you licking the table tops when you go out to eat?


Looks like you are just trying to get a free mean and are angry that you did not. There is nothing wrong with them wiping the seats and table with the same cloth.

What happened did you overspend your food stamps and is this the only way you can get a free meal now?

The stupidity of this complaint baffles me. I doubt that there was urine or *** on that seat unless the diner sat naked, nope you were just hoping for free food because you ran out of money on food stamps.