New Albany, Ohio
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I will NEVER visit the Panera Bread location on Stringtown Road in Grove City, Ohio again! They have terrible customer service and their rapid online service is NOT rapid.

I arrived around 7:35 PM, after waiting a few minutes I was told very rudely by the Manager - Dylan that my rapid online order would not be available until the exact time I put online (7:50 PM). I decided to come back inside at 7:47 PM. I waited until 7:55 PM (after no one asked if I needed assistance) to ask an associate (Hayley) how much longer for my rapid pickup. She asked the associates working on the order but never came back and told me how much longer.

I asked again at 8:00 and was never told how much longer. She (Hayley) asked me what was on the order. After checking with the other associates she decided to tell me at that time that one of my items (Pasta Primavera) was sold out and I would have to pick another item. After reviewing the menu I asked for my money back as they didn't have another item that interested me and I was already frustrated at this point.

At least the Manager apologized for the item being unavailable. I asked again how much longer (still no one came back to tell me). I heard the associates that were preparing my food ask Hayley to help them and hurry up because I've been waiting a long time and pacing the floor...her response "I don't care". I didn't get my food until 8:05 PM (15 minutes after the time I requested online).

This is unacceptable and I didn't appreciate the way Hayley and the Manager (Dylan) handled the situation. I will take my business somewhere else that appreciates their customers.

I will also be spreading the word among our family and friends as no one deserves to be treated this way.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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its customers like you that make the employees hate their life. *** eat somewhere else