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I enjoy Panera sandwiches and paninis, as well as other items. Today I wanted to try their new Wonton soup, which claimed to have a miso broth.

When I got it, I saw that the broth did not settle like miso soup, as usually there is separation from the soy bean paste and the broth, but there was none and there appeared to be bubbles of oil. When I put a 'wonton' in my mouth, instead of minced pork amd vegetables filling my mouth there was nothing but cheese. Cheese. In a wonton.

No, this is not wonton soup.

It's ravioli in a limey-salty broth. Do not order this soup, it is NOT wonton soup.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Thai Garden Chicken Wonton Broth Bowl.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Your point is moot. Even if made correctly, only a buffoon would want to eat wonton soup out of a bread bowl.


I tried it once and it tasted ok anf had a normal broth but then i decided to order it again and the broth tasted like sweat and it smelled disgusting. It was so bad and i had to throw it away because i couldn't eat anything except for the wontons after i got most of the broth off of it.


Me and family went for dinner at Panera today. We love panera.

Usually salads and soups. Today I thought of trying this thai chicken wonton broth. It tested terrible and the smell is not pleasing either. There was nothing much on the broth other than 5 wontons cost about $9.00.

I should hv just eat the broccoli cheddar instead. Don't buy it is a waste and not very pleased.


I love cheese and salt like no other, but this was just gross. I order food to share with my daughter & couldn't bring myself to even give her the veggies. So salty & over priced.


Should have read the reviews first. Mushy intederminate filling thrown in a bottle of soy sauce.

Chicken broth should be light in color? Dark, salty, soy with a few green things floating in it.


Agree. It's gross.

The raviloi-like texture and unappealing mix of minced meat and mystery cheese is very off-putting.

and the broth is very flavourless. Considering its has half the RDA of sodium, you would expect it to have some flavor.


Absolutely an abomination in the name of Thai soup. Loaded with Soy. Avoid at all costs.


It's also 9$ for a bowl ripoff. Another ghetto move by panera


the wonton tastes like ginger cheese ravioli. Why????

The texture is off and it doesn't make any sense that panera can't get a simple wonton recipe right.

The ingredients are basic and I've made wonton soup with friends before. It's not rocket science.


I thought it had a great taste but for $9.50, its a freaking rip off! The bottom of my bowl was barely covered with soup.


Terrible!! Taste & price.


It's hen broth not miso broth dude


I ordered this over priced enter size only soup. It was disgusting!

Not wonton soup at all.

Please know they add raw mixed salad in a nasty flavored broth with some wonton looking ginger&paste. Horrible experience!