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In the last year your prices have gone up and quality has gone down. Last week I was there with my wife.

We got our usual soup and sandwich. The waitress brought our food and the soup bowl was only 1/3 filled. (So now we pay more and get less?) Anyways I did get harsh with the server because she wasn't smart enough to have the kid cook fill it up. One time your cooks forgot to put meat in the sandwich.

So if you cant hire qualified people my business goes to chic fil a.

Seems like Panera has followed in other corporate shoes. so what can Panera do to keep me as a customer.

Review about: Panera Bread Soup.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Amount of food or prices.

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No need to be nasty to the employee. Portion sizes are determined by corporate and yes, they have gotten smaller.

But it is not the fault of anyone working in the restaurant and being "harsh" is not going to change the serving sizes. Please rethink how you treat people.


Oh and by the way, Panera does not have waitresses nor cooks, so it's not the associates fault you didn't get what you wanted. You could have gone back up to food counter and asked politely what you needed. When you get an attitude, don't think that the receiving end is going to tolerate it.


If you are "harsh" with your fellow humans over a d@@n bowl of soup, you need to eat at home! Learn some manners!

All you had to say was "I didn't get a complete serving of soup, can you take this back and add more". Panera is known for skimpy portions, so you actually were being "harsh" (translation: an @sshole) to someone who was following Corporate policy on portion sizes and just doing their job!

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