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Ann Arbor, MI The manager of one of the stores physically threatened the employees. Some cups dropped on the floor. The employees were told to continue using them. The manager told the employees that if the cups were thrown out, he would force that employee to drink from those cups. He also told employees to put food that had fallen on the floor back on the shelves. I emailed Panera & was totally ignored. I called customer service & the are manager called back. Her said he would address the issue, but over a month later, has not.

Every once in a while, Panera has what is called a Bread Bash. It is held around close on Sunday nights & is mandatory for all employees. Panera doesn't care if people don't have transportation to these events. Many people that rely on the bus services don't have buses available on Sunday nights. But that is not Panera's concern. When I emailed Panera, all I got was an explanation of what a Bread Bash is & how it is important. I already knew that! Again, the issue was never addressed.

Also, there is a severe lack of communication when a product is out. Many times, the front of the house doesn't find out a product is out, until they try to order. They are then treated like an *** by the back of the house & managers for trying to order this product. Even if they didn't know. The current process is that someone in the kitchen yells that a product is out. There is no system to inform employees that are on break or not even at work yet. Or if an employee is talking to a customer & doesn't hear the yell, that is not the back of the house's concern; nor is it the manager's concern.

After reading the other complaints, I can see that Panera really doesn't care about customers or employees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Customer Care.

Panera Bread Cons: Ignored by panera.

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