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I went to Panera stood there for a few minutes and the lady at the counter never asked to help me. Two minutes later a caucasion man walks in and she immediately looked over me asking to assist him.

The man was embarassed she did that and let the clerk know I was there first and to help me. Pretty sad that in this day and time people are still *** Love Panera and have been eating there for years but if they hire people like this will never eat there again! We are huge customers in the market.

Be Fair and don't discriminate as you will lose tons of business!! Watch your employees~~

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Not all Panera Breads are bad. The one I work at does NOT sell expired foods, water down the soup, etc.


I am a employee at panera bread this doesn't relate to racism but they discriminate me at my job and treat me like *** because of my height

!!! they wont let me do certain things or try to hold me back from them!

i don't let it disable me i do it anyways! the GM Dawn Dickerson has a problem with me which i don't no why im one of the HARDEST workers there! she will hire any one Else's siblings but mine im assuming cause my height. she has favorites and the managers never give breaks!

ill work a 14 hour shift and receive no break and when asking they blow me off and tell me to wait. i LOVE the co workers we all get along so great. but management sucks and i wouldn't recommend to go there or work there! When they drop to many oatmeal's and cant sell them they just put them back into the fridge so sell the next day (which you cannot do) they add water to their soups so food costs aren't high!

they don't give every customer the correct amount of ingredients all the time because of food costs. its ridiculous :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


Pulling out a race card at a fast food restaurant when the place is busy?! They don't have time to sit and wait for you to take that chip off your shoulder.

Have you ever thought the person may have been new? I remember the first time the same thing happened to me while working...it was a lesson I had to learn.

There is nothing in the manual about if you encounter someone racist! If you don't like the service, I'm sure there's a chicken place down the street!


This happens at panera, especially at the ones in the pittsburgh, PA area. The owner of several of those store in the pittsburgh area is racist and will not hire black workers and threatens the managers if they do hire black workers.

There is actually a lawsuit pending. And guess what-the owners of panera don't care. I'd say complain to management and go higher up if you are being discriminated against.

The panera I frequent in the midwest is good but I have never seen a non-white worker there. :?


Maybe the employee thought someone had already helped you, you want it to be a race issue.


I suspect you have had the same chip on your shoulder for years now and jump with joy whenever you feel slighted so you can whine about how you are a "victim." Get on with your life.