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I have been going to Panera Bread for a few years now. One thing I have found is that while the prices have risen, the portion sizes have shrunk considerably.

Recently, I ordered a You Pick Two combination of one small cup of soup and a teeny tiny turkey half sandwich. All together this cost me almost $10.00. With no drink. A few years back it was cheaper and portions were larger.

Bakery items are expensive too. If I buy a small coffee and a Danish, that is over $5.00 right there. Yes, they give you a choice of a "side" (apple, chips or baguette) and you can get some perks from their Panera Card but it is still expensive to eat there. Within the last year, a Tip box showed up on the counter where you order.

The sign on it says, "Tips not expected but appreciated". If I have to spend that much on food there, nobody is getting a tip believe me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Soup.

Reason of review: Overall prices and portions.

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Also, what happened to being able to add on a pastry item to your order for 99 cents? Now the only option is to add a cookie for 99 cents.

Wow, really? I’m not a little kid.

I’d like to enjoy something more than a cookie, but at these increased prices I will pass. Losing lots of customers!


I couldn’t agree more! Me and my 2 daughters went there for lunch today.

Myself and one of my daughters got the “you pick 2” and my other daughter got a kids meal. We all added a small soft drink to our order. My total was $40! Seriously?

For a couple half sandwiches and two small cups of soup? That’s insane. I’ve been a customer for many years but have noticed their prices creeping up and their portions getting smaller.

I won’t be returning. It’s just too much money for not much food.


Prices raised AGAIN. A normally expensive breakfast got even more expensive.

And the “tip” option should be removed completely. You want me to tip you? For what? Working?

Pushing buttons on a cash register?

Get out of here. Lost a customer today.


What about their shrinking bagels? Went earlier this week and bought an asiago bagel and cappucino to go.

Even the person at the counter made a comment as to how small the bagels were. When I got home, I measured it and it wasnt even 4” across.

Unbelievably ridiculous What a joke! I’d be ashamed to serve a product like that Seriously do they expect consumers wont notice?


Sandwich + drink= Just under $15 now. Done eating at Panera.


I just went there tonight and was so shocked that my pick 2 is now over $10 and use to be only a little over $7. My little cup of soup which wasn't even close to being filled and a small salad.

Disappointed! Not sure I'll be eating there as often.


I agree about the high prices. Today I went there and got a blueberry bagel with low-fat cream cheese and an iced tea.

It cost $6.50 and there were hardly any blueberries in the bagel. I can go to my local diner and get the same thing for $4.25 and get better service. Why does it cost 50% more at Panera? Also, the service is terrible!

I counted eight people working there, but only one person was serving customers. If Panera is going to charge a premium for their food, they'd better have premium service.

I had to repeat my order to the counter person three times it was to go (no wonder the service is slow). Then the person making the order asked me again if it was to go.


If you go to Panera be prepared to head right on over to chipotle after for dinner


Panera is loosing loyal customers, because of high prices. Today was last day I went there.

No more.

Just rip off. For money we paid I could eat 3 times in Chick-fil-A.


I've noticed this too! Panera is going to be gone soon.

I used to go to Panera all the time because it was great having a healthy and affordable option, but when I went there for lunch last week it was >$15 for a southwest salad and a bakery item. When there is a Chipotle next door that will give you about the same quality and twice the portion size for half the price I don't see myself walking in there again.

Oh you're totally right! Don't tip because the food is expensive!

Its not like /they take your order/, /bring the food out to you/, and /clean your table when its left filthy/. Yeah definitely never tip! If you cant tell, that is 100% sarcasm. When a restaurant serves you and cleans up after you, you are suppose to tip.

But I suppose that is the common courtesy modern society lacks.

:) That's why I always tip well here. Most of the clientele is rude.
to Anonymous #1555394

I’ve never had my food brought to me- in no sense is anyone waiting on me- you have a buzzer that tells you when to pick up your food and a bin to put your dishes in when you’re done. Taking an order does not constitute a tip.

I tip well in restaurants-25-30%. This is not that situation

to Anonymous #1556565

are you kidding me? the option at panera right now for a tip is to tip the cashier.

it tells you when you pay to enter an amount to tip, with the lowest set at $2.00. you expect me to tip someone who presses a few buttons to order, and is competent enough to *sometimes* press the right buttons? that has to be a joke. i agree with the other person, panera is not a restaurant.

i will tip a waiter.

there is no sense in tipping anyone working at panera unless they provide EXCEPTIONAL customer service. and no, heating up my cold soup today did not earn a tip from me.

to Anonymous #1627872

Obviously never been here

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