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I have been going to Panera Bread for a few years now. One thing I have found is that while the prices have risen, the portion sizes have shrunk considerably.

Recently, I ordered a You Pick Two combination of one small cup of soup and a teeny tiny turkey half sandwich. All together this cost me almost $10.00. With no drink. A few years back it was cheaper and portions were larger.

Bakery items are expensive too. If I buy a small coffee and a Danish, that is over $5.00 right there. Yes, they give you a choice of a "side" (apple, chips or baguette) and you can get some perks from their Panera Card but it is still expensive to eat there. Within the last year, a Tip box showed up on the counter where you order.

The sign on it says, "Tips not expected but appreciated". If I have to spend that much on food there, nobody is getting a tip believe me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Soup.

Reason of review: Overall prices and portions.

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I just ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of soup with a drink. I definitely would not have come here if I knew it was going to be $18 for that.

The bread crust is hard and the bread is chewy.

I wish I could post pictures. I paid $18 for a sandwich that tastes horrible.


Smart Customers ought to boycott Panera Bread. Has become a slow, small portioned, poor service, price ripoff place. Recommend full country BOYCOTT.


Ridiculously small portions .. done


I absolutely agree. They claim its because of the quality of their food but even their soft drinks are up in price.

Unless they have a better batch of soda than McDonald's that's a load of crock.

I used to love their you mick two but not only are the portion size down now but there is no savings in choosing it anymore. Absolutely ridiculous!


Completely agree. Not only are the prices MUCH higher, they do not deliver the food to your table anymore. I'm DONE with Panera.


A Turkey Bravo sandwich and Greek salad with chicken no drinks $19.14. And the salad seemed half the size of when they used to serve them in the box Goodbye Panera


Outrageous prices! Pick 2, turkey sandwich and Fuji apple salad, small iced tea, and cookie was $17.50!


Turkey meat was historically stacked enough to fill a stomach. Last time, 1 slice of moderatelt thick meat which covered only half the bread!

Freakin absurd $12.00 for just sandwitch.

I'm still into my complete boycott of PB. ONLY STUPID PEOPLE LOSE THEIR MONEY TO THIS STORE.


I was surprised that my total for a You Pick 2 and drink was $14. I can get a larger sandwich for less at local shops—which I’ll be supporting from now on.


Just left Panera purchased 1/2 grilled cheese tomato panini-cheese bits in sandwich weren’t melted-tomato was not a fresh tomato-greasy disgusting-$6.39 please!!!! That’s for 1/2 of a sandwich-forgot to say I got a bag of chips.....


Agree. My boyfriend just spent over $30 on small bowl of soup, sandwich, 2 small Mac and cheese and drinks! Never again..


Prices are insane! $28 for 1 sandwich and pick a 2 (my son and I are splitting it) and 3 soft drinks!

Smaller portions, slow service, dirty tables, and high prices. No thanks!


40-60 cent increase on breakfast sandwiches, bowls of soup, and sandwiches. Not happy !!! 6/19/2019


Cookies went up. Used to be 6 for $6.19 They left an old sign out so I made them honor that price. Now they charge 4 for $6.19 Greedy ***


Definitely lost me as a customer forever. 1 full sandwich and a coup of sound comes up for $16.50 - you must be out of your mind!


I have noticed the same. I emailed them one time also, because when you do receive that seldom coupon in an email, it only lasts a few days.

I told them I rarely got to use the coupons being a teacher. They didn’t seem to care.


2 arugula sandwiches and a cup of soup=$27. Bye Panera.


Agreed. Today April 13 it was 10.15 for a pick 2.

Wth. It was like 7 maybe last year???


Yes, I did a 1/2 soup & 1/2 sandwich and my sandwich was smaller than a deck of cards and they never panini it. paid 12 dollars FOR WHAT???


kids mac and cheese 5.99. for a 2 year old.

add the drink,1.69 . seriously????

child portion of mac and cheese. Never going back.