1331 W Imperial Hwy, La Habra, CA 90631, USA
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This place really sucks in customer service, my mom ordered bagels online and they were supoose to be ready by 8:59am, she got there at 9:12, and apparently it wasnt ready because of two jalepeno bagels, but instead of notifying her, she ended up waiting without knowing what had happened. And because there was no one on the floor to assist customers, she had to wait in a really long line and when she got to the cashier, she explained her situation and the cashier went to the back and never came back.

Then someone in the back started shouting my moms last name, and she ended up picking up the bagels and went back to her spot in front of the cashier to finish her order. But instead of assisting her, the cashier AKA the MANAGER: IRENE, ignored her and was doing her other duties, my mom waited for a bit, and asked her for help directly since Irene wasnt customer service friendly.

Irene asked what my mom needed, and my mom just wanted to finish her order of scones etc. Irene giving my mom a hard time was telling her to get back at the end of the line next time. But, that doesnt make sense because she never completed my moms order.

And to just add icing to the cake, the MANAGER IRENE AND HER COWORKER SNICKERED AT MY MOM, JUST BECAUSE MY MOM DOESNT HAVE PERFECT ENGLISH. Not only is this MANAGER RACIST, but FAILS as a MANAGER. She is not well equipped for this Manager position if she cant even finish helping a customer.

My mom asked for a refund and she got her money back and went to another PANERA. DAMN, LA HABRA PANERA seriously wastes YOUR TIME.

You know the saying Time is Money? Well, you are gonna be wasting your time and money going here.

My mom was a long time customer, but all because of IRENE and her attitude and inability to complete customer service, she is no longer going there.

And I hope others can view this and really think about whether La Habra Panera should consider changing their management and training their workers better in customer service.

Maybe Im being too much, but regardless, thats what Yelp is for, to give a place a review. Lol

I hope Irene can really learn from this and do better next time, and really think things first before snickering with a cowoker because of my moms language barrier.

Well, its up to ya'll to go or not go, and up to Panera management to deal with this havoc.

Goodluck to ya'll

I hope this was a helpful and colorful review.

Product or Service Mentioned: Panera Bread Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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