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I was with my mom getting a coffee and this guy scared me and came up behind telling me to rudely move.Panera is good and all,except when it comes to mean and pushy customers.

It does have some of the best food for a pro and a *** would be rude customers. I would suggest a time when it's not crowded with rude customers. Don't be tricked into thinking everything is great and there is not any pushy customers in sight. If I were the people who were reading this, I wouldn't be tricked.

The pushy customers always find someone to take it out on.Don't be tricked.

Reason of review: Rude customer .

I liked: Service and the food.

I didn't like: Pushy and rude customers.

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What the *** does this have to do with Panera.They're rude a@@ people everywhere you go.


Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1344349

You are retarded.

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