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Several years ago my wife and I were encouraged to sign up for various notices and free coffee and/or pastry at our birthday times. We enjoyed this gift several times, most recently in October when my wife received both coffee and a roll. Assuming the same would apply for me in November, I visited the store on Range Line Rd in Carmel, IN about 2 weeks before my birthday (Nov. 27), and was told to come back on my birthday or within 30 days thereafter to claim my gift (similar to my wife's). So I went there today and was told several things in this order: 1. I could get a $1.00 off of my coffee; 2. I could get a free roll (no coffee); 3. that nothing was available as my registration was either expired or someone else had gotten my birthday gift. Needless to say, I was confused.

At this point I don't know whether the clerks don't know what rules apply or you have changed your customer rewards plan in the last 2 weeks. I guess it doesn't matter, because I (and probably my wife) will not be patronizing your establishment again, and I will, undoubtedly, be relaying my experience to others. Obviously this scenario doesn't demonstrate what, I thought, your company was trying to do with its customer friendly rewards plan. Or maybe it's just this store and the employees there.

John Lauter

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It sounds like you only have one account in which case only the account holder's birthday gets the free birthday treat. So you can't both get free bakery treats or people could get them every month and scam Panera by adding fake birthdays.

Also rewards for birthdays are just the free bakery treat- any other rewards are random and based on how often you visit. It's unlikely you'd get multiple rewards for the same items as your wife just because you got rewards several months back.