Woodbridge, Virginia

I use to go to Panera faithfully every week until I stopped last year because Panera Bread has a problem with disabled people and Headquarters tried to rip me off and I fought them over it. They advertise a free birthday treat which they will not honour (honour is spelled correctly) it unless you fight them over it.

They finally gave it to me two months after my birthday and only gave me a couple weeks to use it instead of the two month time limit. When I cashed it in, the lady who rung me up scanned my card and nearly had a heart attack because a message from headquarters came up on her screen using language that cannot be repeated here telling her what I was and just give me what I want and get me out! I haven't been back since. Anyways, I decided to not fight them this year and just see how long it takes them to give me my Birthday Pastry.

Well, my birthday is in April and not only have I still not gotten it, but I just discovered a couple minutes ago that Panera deleted my account! I discovered also a couple weeks ago through another person that Panera caters to the wealthy. They keep the nice surprises for the wealthy while giving $1 off items to the elderly and disabled every once in awhile. You don't believe me?

Go check it out. They refuse to help the elderly and disabled to carry their food, yet, they bring the food to the wealthy.

You don't believe me? Go see for yourself.

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  • Panera Headquarters
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Items are given at random I've had several free items and several dollar offs I make 30 thousand a year so far from wealthy.


Yes. I love hearing from unintelligent people talk.

Honor is the American spelling if you wish to use Honour go to England. Panera does not possess that kind of Technology to inform a lowly associate what an A@# you are, but I am sure you did that all on your own.

You are one of those people that do nothing but create havoc and chaos when you enter a Panera. We cannot stand people like you and do dread your kind.


The card system gives rewards at random. It has nothing to do with your age or disabilities.


Where I live Panera Bread is only located in the strip malls that cater to the wealthy, so that doesn't come as a surprise to me. That being said I get really tired of people feeling like they should be treated more special because they are elderly, handicapped, pregnant, or whatever.

None of you are any better than the rest of us. I am 74, and partially disabled and I don't expect special treatment anyplace I go. You are right, you do have honour spelled correctly if you are in Great Britain.

I am assuming you live in the states and therefore you should be adopting our customs.


What you forgot to mention was (you were acting like whatever they called you on the screen) and they don't want you as a customer. I know this hurts your feelings, but that is life. Stop using your age to push other people around and cry about how "mean" they are to you when they don't want to help you because you acted like a ***.


Honor is not spelled with an "u" you ***.